As a mom of four kids, my budget for designer shoes is…not as robust as some. But, I recently discovered a new site called Purcado, which is like Kayak for shoes, that might change that. You can enter the designer or brand you’re looking for, and it will search across different retailers — like Zappos, Nordstrom, and Foot Locker — to find you the beset deal on what you’re looking for.

Add some of our favorite Chrome extensions for saving money to it too, and you’ll come out with some pretty great deals on shoes for your whole family.

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Save on shoes by using the price comparison engine at Purcado

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You can search shoes based on gender, or based on any keyword — like our new favorite trend, rose gold sneakers. You can even search by size, which is really helpful for kids’ shoes, especially. In fact, I found my kids’ favorite Stride Rite Phibian shoes at a 40% discount, plus reduced shipping. That times four kids saves me enough to add the hot Vince Camuto Evel cut-out booties I found at Nordstrom to my basket too.

Just beware, this is a time-suck that could have you searching deals for hours on end. We think it’s best used while binging on Netflix.