May we introduce you to BB-9E, the newest Star Wars droid? This evil counterpart of the beloved BB-8 will make his appearance in the upcoming The Last Jedi movie. But if you don’t want to wait to see him on the big screen, you can bring him home thanks to Sphero.

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Their new BB-9E app-enabled droid works very similarly to their BB-8, which my kids could not stop playing with. Once you download the app on your phone, you’re able to control your droid through simple finger swipes, as well as program him to follow a specific route that you draw with your hand.

You’ll find lots of cool, new features as well, like the ability to connect with other Sphero Star Wars droids. There’s even holographic simulation that takes you through the different ships, and a feature that allows you to watch Star Wars movies with the droid interactively.

Take a peek at my son playing with the BB-9E droid just a few minutes after we charged him up. Let’s just say, the set-up (and the learning curve) are super quick.

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I’m pretty sure this is going to be at the top of lots of holiday wish lists for 2017. Which means you might want to grab it now and knock one awesome gift off your list for the Star Wars lover in your life.

Thanks to Sphero for sending us this BB-9E droid!