We get all sorts of awesome questions in our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook Group. You are a member, right? Recently, a parent asked for foreign language podcast recommendations for kids.

So, we dug around and found these 3 great podcasts to help you learn a foreign language — whether you’re homeschooling, planning for travel soon, or just need some extra help on your school work — that you and your kids can start listening to now!

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Great podcasts to help you learn a foreign language: Duolingo Spanish

Duolingo Spanish podcast

My own homeschooled kids use Duolingo for their foreign language exposure, and it’s a wonderful app to teach both kids and adults pretty much any new language — especially since it’s free! Their podcast, dedicated to Spanish language right now, is fantastic too. It tells short stories in both Spanish (very slow) and English (normal speed) so kids can learn to listen and understand. Some of the content may be a bit edgier for young kids (politics and social issues), so just keep that in mind as you pick episodes. Updated to add: It’s also available in the Duolingo French podcast now!

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Great podcasts to help you learn a foreign language: News in Slow... Podcast

News in Slow podcast series

My daughter started listening to the News in Slow French podcast right when she started learning French last year, and I have to say — it was a bit over her head. But if you or your child is at an intermediate level or above, they’ll be able to follow this summary of current events in Spanish, French, German or Italian. Of course, they’re sharing the world news, so the content may lead to some more serious conversations with your kids. I love that, for an extra fee, you can add transcripts, quizzes or discussion questions — which make it great for teachers or homeschoolers.

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Great podcasts to help you learn a foreign language: CoffeeBreak French

The Coffee Break Languages podcast series

For young kids, The Coffee Break Languages podcast is a good option because the episodes are short (just 10-15 minutes) and they focus on simple vocabulary and phrases you need in everyday conversation. Instead of listening to a world news report, they’re learning to say, “Could I please have a glass of water,” or “The weather is nice today,” in French, Spanish, German, Italian and (whoa) Mandarin! This would be great to listen to together on your way home from school each day, or over breakfast in the morning.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash