Next up in our Holiday Tech Guide 2019, we’re sharing the coolest tech toys and gifts for tweens and big kids. We know that they can be tricky to shop for, so we’ve done the research for you (not to mention asked our own tweens and big kids their honest opinions).

From STEM kits to fun tech-y games, to some of the hottest new gadgets of the season, here are our picks for the coolest tech toys and gifts. And be sure to check out our other tech guides: Cool tech gifts for teens and STEM toys and gifts for kids.

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Pictionary Air

Tech toys and gifts for tweens and big kids: Pictionary Air

The classic game of Pictionary just got a whole lot more 2019 with Pictionary Air. It’s a game your whole family will love playing — ours are obsessed and we didn’t know we could even improve on the original!


Hot Wheels ID

Tech toys and gifts for tweens and big kids: Hot Wheels ID

Even our high school aged kids want to get their hands on this super cool Hot Wheels ID smart track, and the rad cars they can race and flip using the accompanying app. Definitely not the Hot Wheels we had as kids.


LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal AR Game sets

Tech toys and gifts for big kids and tweens: Paranormal LEGO AR game sets

Got Stranger Things fans? The new LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal AR game sets use the power of ARto bring your kid’s creations to life right inside the game. It’s absolutely astounding. And so fun!


Pluggable USB Microscope

Cool tech toys and gifts for tweens and big kids | USB microscope

Your budding scientists will dig this USB microscope by Pluggable, that’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Just plug it in and beyond, the tiny, imperceptible wonders of the world. It even doubles as a macro camera. Pretty neat.


Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Cool tech toys and gifts for kids: Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Yes, you read that correctly. A Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. Their TikTok game just got a whole lot sicker with this super fun clock that works green screen style, to help your kids disappear, HP style. We tried it ourselves and yep, it’s as cool as it sounds.



Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch

Tech toys and gifts for kids: Luigi's Mansion 3

Gamers gotta game, and if you’ve already got a Nintendo Switch (our top gaming console), then the brand new Luigi’s Mansion 3 is perfect for tweens and big kids. In fact, it’s so great for kids and adults of all ages —  good luck getting a turn yourself. Even Chrissy Tiegen is a fan!


Wonder Workshop Coding Robots

Tech toys and gifts for kids: Wonder Workshop

We’ve been long time fans of Wonder Workshop, whose adorable learn-to-code robots have been family favorites for many years because they just make learning so simple. For younger big kids up through tweens, the various robots teach STEM concepts to kids through creativity and hands-on play. For older kids,  check out Cue, which was one of favorite holiday tech toys for tweens and big kids in 2018. For younger kids, the original Dot and Dash (above) are just terrific.


Kindle Kids Edition

Kids Kindle: Tech toys and gifts for kids and tweens

The new and improved Kindle Kids Edition e-reader has upgrades including a weeklong battery life, and you’ll get a year of free Kindle Unlimited too. For your avid reader — or one you’re trying to motivate — this is a fantastic e-reader option, because there are no ads, no games, no apps, or anything else distracting.  Just books.

EVO from Ozobot

Seriously STEM toy award winners: Evo by Ozobot in the Technology category

This cool and now award-winning coding robot is one of our all-time faves, and featured in our guide to the top STEM toys and gifts for kids this year. Yep, we love this friendly, little pocket-sized friend it so much that we had to feature it twice.


JoyGeek Mini Drone

Tech toys and gifts for tweens and big kids: JoyGeek Mini Drone

If you’re in the market for a beginner drone for younger kids that’s easy to fly and fairly crash-proof, the JoyGeek Mini Drone is an affordable option with solid ratings. Just don’t play with it near any airports, ‘kay?