Of course we had to share these incredible Mandlorian gifts now that season 3 has been announced. I know I’m not the only one with kids who are still obsessed! In fact, our devotion may have gone beyond low key a while ago.

So I’ve put together some fun Mandalorian gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life, from tech gifts to some general geekery you’ll love.

Whether you’re shopping for a child, teen, full-grown adult, no shame!

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– Updated for 2021 –

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11 Awesome Mandalorian Gifts for Fans of all Ages

Mandalorian gifts: Baby Yoda mini Bluetooth speaker

This adorable the Child baby Yoda bluetooth speaker fits in the palm of your hand, but it still delivers a powerful sound, according to Kristen whose own daughter owns a different Bitty Boomer speaker. At just under $20, I think this would make a great small gift or stocking stuffer for a teen in your life.


Adidas x Star Wars Baby Yoda Sneakers

How sweet are these Adidas X Star Wars “The Child” high-top sneakers featuring Baby Yoda himself! These come in youth and kid sizes, but if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look,  the whole Star Wars Adidas collection is so cool. From Boba Fett Track Pants to Jabba’s Throne Room Hoodie, you can’t go wrong.

Star Wars gifts for the Mandalorian fan: Official Otterbox x Mandalorian phone cases

If you want the real deal and not the “fan art” phone cases, The Disney Store is your source for all the official Mandalorian x Otterbox phone cases. This one for iPhone XS Max is pretty adorable — but look around for tons of designs, on all different sized cases.  Plus, with Otterbox, you get the assurance of having one of the toughest phone cases around — totally the brand Mando himself would choose, I’m thinking.


9 awesome Mandalorian gifts for Star Wars fans, young and old: The new Baby Yoda The Child Lego Set

Scoot over, Duplos. This Baby Yoda “The Child” LEGO set boasts over 1,000 pieces and is not made for the faint of heart — or the middling Star Wars fan. But if you have a technical nerd who loves to build things, this is a great gift. Which also totally counts as an educational STEM activity. It also happens to be a ragingly hot toy again this year, so grab it while you can (it’s on sale at Amazon!).

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Star Wars Mandalorian fan gifts: Kids "the child" bike helmet from Bell Helmets

Even Jedi pilots wore head protection when flying and the same goes for kids flying on bikes or scooters. You have to love this adorable Mandalorian “The Child” bike helmet from the helmet experts at Bell, perfectly made for kids 5-8. Whatever get them to wear it, right?

MobyFox x Star Wars Mandalorian collection of smartwatch bands

MobyFox has an incredible selection of officially licensed Star Wars Apple Watch and Android watch bands including a whole series just focused on Mandalorian characters. Love this set of Apple Watch bands featuring Beskar Armor & Code of Honor designs. Now you’ll not only know the way…you’ll know the time.


Mandalorian gifts: Baby yoda succulent planter

I’ve been very into houseplants since all the quarantining started, so this baby Yoda planter at Doolittle Dorks jumped out at me right away. I love how it’s subtle enough to blend in with the decor without being too overtly nerdy.


Star Wars Mandalorian gifts for fans: A Baby Yoda "baby carrier" tee from Groundhog Tees

My husband spent hours and hours of his life wearing our kids in the Ergo when they were babies, so this Baby Yoda sling tee from Groundhog Tees instantly made me smile. I think it would be a sweet gift for a new dad, or even an older dad who would probably love a reminder of this fleeting phase of parenthood.


Star Wars Mandalorian gifts for fans: Baby Yoda Sippy Sip mug from Doodle Gift shop

In honor of my favorite Mandalorian meme, I present the Sippy Sip mug from the Doodle Gift shop on Etsy. I can’t resist those cherub eyes — or the coffee I’ll be pouring inside. Just don’t spill it on your keyboard!


Star Wars Mandalorian x Hanna Andersson pajamas in loads of designs featuring Baby Yoda

My kids both own loads of Hanna Andersson pajamas because they’re so cute and durable. And they have an entire collection of official Star Wars pajamas for kids and adults, with a heavy focus on the Mandalorian characters. This particular design is giving me a warm, fuzzy Christmas-y feeling.  And yes, they come in adult sizes too.


9 awesome Mandalorian gifts for Star Wars fans, young and old: Baby Yoda cookies | Niki's Cake Pops

Kristen ordered these uh-mazing baby Yoda cookies from Nikki’s Cake Pops, a local, mom-run business near her, and I think they’d make the perfect stocking stuffer. Just email her and see if she can acommodate a custom order. Cookies are $60 a dozen, plus shipping.