We’ve been having some lively discussions over in the Out Tech Your Kids Facebook group about lots of topics this past week, from screen time to video gaming, but the one we decided to chat about this week was our favorite apps, inspired by this post from Liz about how she’s used the Todoist app for over a year now.

So on this episode of our podcast, we’re sharing the 6 apps we use all the time! You can listen now (do it!) but also, make sure you’re subscribed to our podcast so you never miss an episode.

The 6 apps we use all the time | Out-Tech Your Kids podcast 25

The 6 apps we use all the time 


1. The Kindle/Apple Books helps her read more (especially now since she took social media off her phone).

2. YNAB (You Need a Budget) which she discovered from our friends at The Mom Hour.

3.  Real MahJongg is Kristen’s new obsession after taking virtual lessons to learn how to play the game.


1. Audible is Liz’s go-to for audio books, like the one that was her Cool Picks of the Week on Spawned last week and she shared over on Cool Mom Picks.

2. Liz has been using Todoist for over a year and swears by it.

3. You’ll have to listen to hear Liz’s 3rd favorite (you didn’t really think we’d give that away, did you?).

Photo by Duy Hoang on Unsplash