If you’ve been following Cool Mom Tech lately you know how much we loooove Halloween! So when we learned about a few games for our kids’ beloved Nintendo Switches that feel perfect for the spooky season, we were excited to share them, Because we can’t be the only ones who get a little gifty around Halloween, right?

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Because they’re the kinds of games your kids will love now — but may also make great Holiday gifts, during a year that eeeeeveryone seems to be doing their shopping early.

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Fun Halloween games for kids: Luigi's mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch | Cool Mom Tech

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has got to be at the top of the list for fun Halloween-ready Nintendo Switch games. I love that it’s so collaborative, great for all ages and c’mon  — catching ghosts is just fun. So many cool Easter Eggs to discover as well. (Not to confuse holidays or anything.)


Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch: Fun for Halloween and beyond!

Monster Hunter Rise is a terrific game if you’re shopping for horror-loving tweens and teens (or teens at heart). This RPG game lets you battle all kinds of monsters (thus, the title) as a ninja — hoc cool is that? You can hunt monsters collaboratively with friends, or play alone online, making it really versatile.

It’s so popular, you can even buy an entire Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition Switch, including the game console. (Hint hint, early holiday shoppers.)


How to unlock all the Halloween fun on Animal Crossing | Cool Mom Tech

Surprised thatAnimal Crossing: New Horizons makes the list? They you haven’t yet discovered of all the cool Halloween night activities (collect candy and trade for fun stuff!) and more that it offers. You can grow 4 kinds of pumpkins and dress up in Halloween costumes with your neighbors thanks to October’s special seasonal items. If kids haven’t played in a while, the most recent update includes lots of surprises, like a Spooky Set group of special items — and this year, three new goodies include a Spooky Tree, Spooky Treats Basket, and a Spooky Trick Lamp.

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Plus, with the massive (their words, so I believe it!) Version 2.0 update coming right after Halloween, kids will have lots of new DIY recipes to explore with all those pumpkins they’re growing. Hey maybe it will inspire them to get into the kitchen and make some real pumpkin recipes? Never know!