Here are some fun Halloween-themed playlists that your kids may enjoy on YouTube. Yes, YouTube.

Now that YouTube Kids has upped their parental controls game, I’ve been feeling more comfortable with them using the app, and hey, sometimes it’s nice to just let them chill and enjoy some videos. We’re all working hard these days.

Updated for 2021

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5 Fun Halloween Video Playlists on YouTube Kids

Nickelodeon Halloween pranks for kids video on YouTube Kids is so fun!

1. Nickelodeon Halloween Playlist

A perfect series of videos for younger kids right through your tweens, it allows them to create their spookiest Halloween costume with the Merrell Twins; make Halloween slime with JoJo Siwa;  play pranks on friends (above); or watch a trick-or-treat taste test. Which is way better than the pizza challenge IMHO.


Fun Halloween video playlists for kids: Giggle and Hoot Halloween on YouTube Kids

5 fun Halloween Playlists on YouTube Kids like the Nickelodeon playlist featuring all the fun Halloween specials

2.Giggle and Hoot Halloween Playlist

For your younger kids, Jimmy Giggle and Hoot have put together a playlist of their Halloween favorites. From Sesame Street to Peppa Pig, you’ll find lots of your kids’ beloved characters in these Halloween videos, all booed up for Halloween.

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Art for Kids on YouTube has some fun Halloween crafts to keep the kids engaged

3 Art for Kids Hub’s October Month of Making

Who says Halloween videos for kids has to be passive viewing! Your crafty kids will dig the Art for Kids Hub playlist, which includes art projects especially for Halloween, like painting, origami, drawing, and paper cutouts. Engaging, fun, and extremely doable projects here.

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The Oddbods Halloween special on YouTube Kids

4. Oddbods Halloween Special

This exclusive series was created specifically for YouTube Kids, and features the characters young viewers know and love from the hit animated series, Oddbods.  Only, now, it’s a series of Halloween-themed videos for lots of spooky fun.

(But actually, not really that spooky. Perfect for your little ones, promise.)


Zombie Hotel videos for kids on YouTube: Perfect for Halloween fun!

5. Zombie Hotel Halloween Special

Created especially for YouTube Kids, Zombie Hotel (also at top) has a bit of a Hotel Transylvania meets The Willoughbys vibe and it’s just terrific. It stars wide-eyed twins Fungus and Maggot, joined by their Mom and Dad Zombies, Rictus and Funerella, along with a team of wacky hotel employees who never run short of oddities. This is actually one you’ll enjoy too, parents!