Every year, we think it’s fascinating to look back and see the top posts we wrote that captured our readers’ interests and imagination. Some of the favorites were just fun (hey, trendy halloween costume!) while most this year were really helpful. And hey, we’re grateful to keep helping.

From tips from our own tweens and teens, to hacks that help keep your life easier or more organized, enjoy these top ten posts we wrote in 2021 — and get ready for even more in 2022!


The top 10 Cool Mom Tech posts of 2021


A step-by-step guide to our genius inbox zero hack

10 Our Inbox Zero Trick 

Want to know how to clean out your inbox and start fresh for the new year — all without just deleting everything? Liz shares her favorite trick every year, and each year it’s a favorite with our readers. For good reason!

9 What my teen had to say about that article about Instagram and body image

Leave it to a 14-year-old to say in a single sentence what experts and journalists dedicated thousands of words to describing.

8 The hot Halloween costume of the year 

Hint: it’s from a video game your kids are probably playing right this second.

7. A very smart AirPods trick I learned from a very smart tween

Kristen’s daughter hooks us up big time — and can possibly save you hundreds in lost AirPods!

How to report spam texts: It's actually super easy | Cool Mom Tech

6 How to report spam texts and phishing

Because sorry, Amazon, AT&T and Microsoft are not offering you free gifts out of the blue.

5 Parents, what if you just stopped managing screen time?

A fascinating take from Kristen about one big tech issue parents have been struggling with for the past two years.

4 The one to-do list app I’ve managed to stick with for an entire year

Liz has never been uh…monogamous when it comes to her to-do list apps! Here’s one that she’s still using, still loving, and our readers seem to agree.


The 10 best math apps for middle school that make math fun | cool mom tech

3. The best math apps for middle school that make learning fun

Clearly a lot of middle schoolers need a little extra help with math these days. And how wonderful that parents are invested in finding them help that also teaches how fun math can be.

2. 44 fun things you can do with the Amazon Echo

We updated this post in 2021, because clearly we’re looking to do more with Alexa than ask her to turn off the lights or play Billie Eilish

1. Our review of the Supernatural VR exercise app on Oculus

With gyms and in-person classes off the table for lots of us, Kate’s thoughtful, honest, incredibly thorough review of the hottest new at-home exercise program was helpful for tens of thousands of you!  And hey, that’s what we’re all here for.