If you’re a fan of Paperless Post like we are, don’t miss out on Paperless Flyers as a genius way to send out all your last-minute holiday invitations, school fundraisers, or to invite out-of-town family to the kids’ end-of-year-recitals over Zoom.

After all, everything is kind of last-minute this holiday it seems; so many events are a little wait-and-see right now, and may require last-minute planning and invitations. Or hey, maybe we’re just not sure we’re up for planning something — and that’s okay too.

Spirits Bright template shown, above
This post has been updated for 2021

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For last minute holiday invitations: Paperless Post flyers are fantastic

Think of Paperless Post Flyers as a mash-up of EventBrite and Evite, but with loads of style. Add your own photos and copy, follow a template, then email, text, use WhatsApp, or post on your social feeds. You can create it through their iOS app, Android app, or right on desktop.

Oh — and your first 50 trackable email or text invites are free! You can also share a link to unlimited guests sans tracking, without spending money. After that, it requires “coins” that you can purchase through Paperless Post, but they’re very affordable.

Or, upgrade to a premium account if you want a lot more features like stickers, or cool GIF images for sparkling Christmas lights that actually sparkle.

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Paperless Post Flyers: How to use them for last-minute holiday invitations and events

It takes literally a few minutes to choose one of their many designs and create something that looks like you paid a designer to do it and I love how easy it is to track those RSVPs. If you get them.

We all know how good parents tend to be with RSVPs, ahem.