Remember when you used to have to wire your whole house for audio wire if you wanted decent sound? Yeah. We don’t do that anymore. The advances in portable speakers have been phenomenal, with great sound now coming from wireless systems like the Sonos, or single speakers like the Beats Pill, the Jambox, or the Soundfreaq that can sit on your countertop and easily play music from your mobile phone or laptop.

And as is the rule with all technology, devices continue to get smaller, better, and cheaper.

The Qube2 wireless Bluetooth speaker is evidence of that. It’s a tiny speaker at just 3 inches across and weighs in at only 6 ounces, and it does the same stuff that most wireless speakers do, only in a super compact package that connects to your Bluetooth devices.

The resulting sound is solid. It’s not going to replace your high end wireless speakers that deliver huge sound, but it is a fantastic option when a smaller form factor is needed. The price tag is also reasonable at $79.99–any cheaper and we notice a marked decrease in sound quality.

Qube2 wireless Bluetooth speaker | Cool Mom Tech

Qube2 Bluetooth portable speaker | Cool Mom Tech


As advertised, it can go on a keychain (though I think it’s a little heavy for your everyday keychain) or easily fit in your bag or briefcase for deskside sound in a pinch. I could see it being used for conference calls and presentations, or by the pool for music — or both at the same time, if you have working habits like me. It would also make a great travel speaker for hotel rooms when you absolutely must plant your kids in front of an episode of Curious George and the built-in speaker isn’t cutting it.

The Qube2 seems very durable and has a good heft to it so it won’t go flying across a table if someone (the 3 year old, obviously) thinks it should hitch up to Thomas the Train. And any teens–or fashionistas- in the house will be thrilled that it comes in multiple colors.

But if you really want to blow your kids’ minds, hold a little Qube2 up next to the “Hi-Fi” speakers at Grandma’s house.

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