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Csnaps lets you take a selfie with a celebrity for charity. (Also: Look! Richie Sambora!)

Do you remember The Mother of All Celebrity Selfies? You know, the one Ellen DeGeneres took at the 2014 Academy Awards surrounded by A-list nominees? Well, Richie Sambora remembers it too, especially that the photo ran all over social media for free (reports say it could have garnered $1 billion in revenue). And so he thought, what if that money had gone to charity? So the rocker became a techpreneur, co-founded Csnaps, a free celebrity selfie app that raises money for meaningful causes when fans take pictures with stars. Related: Cases and flashes that make your selfies even prettier.   Related: 8 smart tips for taking selfies with other people....

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A personalized Santa video for kids with a Portable North Pole that’s really, truly portable

I’ve been surprising my kids with personalized Santa videos since before they knew holidays equaled presents. It’s so satisfying to watch their faces light up when Santa says their name, and knows key details about their lives, with photos to prove it. When we first discovered the Portable North Pole, we all fell in love. And now their revised website and new app can help keep the magic alive from anywhere you are. The original site helps you put together a free, customized video from Santa for your kids, and is really well done. This year is a little...

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An easy way to share photos privately. Did we mention privately?

I’m not big on sharing kid photos on Facebook–I find my privacy settings magically change too often–but I’m also not great at queueing photos in emails to send to family and friends, either. This results in irritated people who are tired of asking me to send new kid photos, yet again. So give me an app that automatically beams pics straight to my family’s phones, and I’m sold. An app like this one, for example. Familiar is a free app that lets you do just that. Simply create an account, choose the place where you keep most of your...

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The easiest photo album app yet

As much as I wish I were a scrapbooker–or, OK, even the kind of mama that actually puts photos into an album more than once a year–I’ve made my peace with the fact it’s probably not gonna happen.  So I flock to cool apps like Martha Stewart’s CraftStudio and Keepsy to help me get my photos off my smart phone and tablet and turn them into album-like creations.  But now my newest cool photo app discovery is about to take its place in the lineup, too–simply because it makes it all so darn easy. Helloalbums is an amazing app that lets you create, share,...

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Since time warps when you become a mama, here’s a watch made just for you.

I’ve never been much of a watch-wearer, and more of us are in the same boat, using our smart phones to tell time.  And yet, once you’re a new parent, so much revolves around time: how long has the baby been sleeping? Is it time for a diaper change? When did she last eat? And when did I put that pizza in the oven, because I am totally starving? [don’t miss a great offer after the jump] Meet the Benbini, a watch that’s made for moms–by two moms who clearly knew what they were doing. It’s a cute bracelet cuff...

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You can’t win this game, and that’s why this game wins

We love everything about Press Here, the amazing “interactive” children’s book by French artist Herve Tullet. So we are thrilled to see that it’s now an app. And honestly, there’s no better book to make the transition from page to iPad (and iPhone, too). On every page of the original book, kids follow commands and turn the page to see the results of their actions. The Press Here app is the same, only techified, featuring colorful dots that kids can swirl across the screen and then watch what happens–will they turn into a soccer game? A memory quiz? A...

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A lacy, ladylike iPhone cover that’s totally tough

Mother’s Day will be here before you can say “breakfast in bed” and, this year, I know exactly what I want. It’s flowery, it’s lacy, it’s sooo pretty. And my iPhone is going to look gorgeous in it. The Blossom cover for iPhone 4/4s is utter sweetness–but, make no mistake, it’s tough when it comes to protecting your phone. Its sculpted design is made for easy gripping, but if you do have a momentary case of butterfingers, the cover is specially designed to protect all potential impact points, meaning way less chance of breakage. It’s available in five gorgeous...

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An amazing interactive journal app that feels so much cooler to write in than a journal

Oh, I used to journal. And I still do, kind of–if you consider typing out whatever memories and thoughts I can actually remember at the end of a long day. Like a lot of new parents, journaling has taken a bit of a back seat these days to things like–oh, sleep. And not everyone is (or wants to be) a blogger. But I’ve found a new app that has the old journal fire burning again–and it’s simply addicting. Roller Journal is a $1.99 app that asks you questions in order to get your brain whirring–and your thoughts down on (virtual)...

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Nothing gets you running faster than… ZOMBIES

My workouts have been getting a little stale lately. Oh, all right, I’ll say it: I’m bored. I’m bored with my playlist, I’m bored my running route, I’m bored with the whole darn thing.  But I think I’ve found the perfect thing to make my runs interesting again… fear. Zombies, RUN! is one of the coolest fitness iPhone apps I’ve seen in a long time. (And it’s coming to Android this spring.) In it, you’re cast as “Runner 5” during a complete zombie apocalypse–your mission is to collect supplies, thwart creepy zombies, and rebuild civilization, all while actually running....

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The Pitch In Card is a new way to give group gadget gifts

So, not to scare you or anything, but I went to my local drugstore today and there was a Christmas display up. Santa Clauses, lights, snowglobes. Oh, how I wish I were kidding about this. But! There’s good news–especially if you have a tech-lover in your life. I’m fairly sure you can knock out, like, 90% of holiday stress with Best Buy‘s brand new Pitch In Card. Let’s say someone you like wants a Kindle Fire (and who could blame them?). But it’s $199.99–not exactly spare change, but you still want to help them get that thing. The Pitch In Card...

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