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An 8-year old boy learned how to drive on YouTube, then drove his sister to McDonald’s. Um.

Just when we parents were worried about all those scary parody videos on YouTube, an eight-year-old boy watched a regular old driving how-to video and decided to hit the road with his sister for a McDonald’s stop. Nope, we’re not kidding. Can you imagine getting the call from police to come pick up your kids at a local McDonald’s because your elementary-aged kid had driven there? And with his sister in the backseat, no less. Related: 12 of the funniest YouTube videos for kids The police officers had actually gotten several calls reporting a child behind the wheel, who was actually...

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Big (real) news! Fake news gets easier to spot with the new Google Fact Check

It seems like an April Fool’s joke (and yes, I double checked the date on the post) but at long last, Google is taking moves to quash fake news with a new Fact Check feature in Google Search and Google News, worldwide. So basically, Google Fact Check is not itself fake news. That’s a relief. According to the recent post on the Google blog, publishers can now enable a “Fact Check” tag in Google News which will mark as news those articles that have been fact-checked by publishers and respected fact-checking organizations, like Politifact,  FactCheck.org and Snopes. It even includes fact-check sites like Climate...

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Pocket: The Pinterest alternative to help save all those articles, recipes, tweets and more.

If you’ve become more of a news junkie over the past year like I have, you’ve probably realized that your standard browser bookmark bar isn’t necessarily your best best for saving articles you want to come back to. Let alone recipes you want to remember, gifts you want to buy, YouTube videos you want to see…you get the picture. Enter Pocket. This brilliant, simple, very intuitive bookmarking service has replaced  del.icio.us –and even Pinterest in its former glory (RIP) —  for me. It lets me quickly bookmark pretty much everything, all directly from the web or even social media, and save it in...

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What you need to know about the VIZIO privacy breach. And how to fix it right now.

If you own an Internet-connected VIZIO smart television, you might have heard that they’ve been collecting data on your viewing habits for years, and surprise, it’s a serious breach of privacy. We took a close look at the reports and the claim on the FTC website to give you a quick breakdown of the VIZIO privacy breach and what it means for your family. And most importantly, we’ve got exactly what you need to do to turn that feature on your VIZIO television off right now. Related: Internet safety tips for families that you should know Are VIZIO televisions really spying on us? According to...

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The Apple invoice scam email to watch out for, and what to do if you get it

This week I got a scam email claiming to be an invoice from my iTunes account on Apple. Luckily, a few things tipped me off that this wasn’t legit, so I contacted Apple about it and saved myself the tremendous hassle of having to change all my credit card numbers — such a pain. Even though there were a things that tipped me off that this was a phishing scam, I have to say this one was pretty good. Here’s what you can look for, and what to do about it too. Be careful, parents!   What to look for in the Apple invoice scam...

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How to use new Twitter Moments: Could it make Twitter a more quick and easy news source?

Notice a little lightning bolt icon at the top of your Twitter feed? No, it’s not a Halloween month tribute to Harry Potter. In an attempt to lure some new folks back to Twitter — evidently 316mm monthly users isn’t enough for some investors — and to keep those of us already there, there more often — yesterday Twitter introduced the brand new Twitter Moments feature, represented by that iconic bolt. As in, quick, click here! Lightning is striking as we speak! Don’t be mislead by the word “moments” which made me think, oh no…is this like Facebook moments, showing me some...

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The big Apple iOS 9 news: Revamps, upgrades and a sparkling new music streaming service that parents will love

Plenty of coolness was rolled out at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference this week, and we’re here to share the intel with you that we think parents will care about most. And yeah, non parents too. The biggest news is that Apple iOS 9  is coming this fall (along with OSX, or El Capitan) and it’s bringing more intelligence with it. Also, hold on to your hats, music fans, because Apple is jumping into music streaming game with the potentially Spotify-killing Apple Music. Of course as parents, we always ask ourselves not whether the technology is innovative and capturing the attention of...

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Web coolness: Geeky Father’s Day cards, Snapchat news, and Star Wars doughnuts

Here are a few of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   Love this fun, printable geeky Father’s Day card you can still download before Sunday. This printable card for a tech dad is sweet too. Big hacks of Tweetdeck, Evernote, and Feedly this week. Here are some smart tips for making strong passwords. Do you talk to your tech? An interesting discussion (check the comments) about using the voice commands on your gadgets. Huge news to super Mario fans: Your dream is about to come true. So fun...

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Entrepreneur’s Top Tech Pinterest Boards to Follow. Including us!

We were so excited this morning to learn that Entrepreneur Magazine included Cool Mom Tech as one of the top 5  tech pinners you should be following. Wow!  What a huge honor to have the Cool Mom Tech pinterest boards featured alongside some of our own favorite tech Pinterest boards, like CNET and Geek Sugar. And with Pinterest being known so widely for DIY, crafts, and fashion, we love that Entrepreneur is showcasing a thriving tech community. Hey, even DIYers and crafters needs cool apps to stay organized, and stylish home office must-haves. Of course then they’ll get out the...

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Umano app: A great way to get the news when you feel too busy to get the news.

Remember when you used to sit lazily on a Sunday morning with a huge cup of coffee and read the paper? I call it the BK era (before kids) and clearly some of the developers of the Umano app for iOS and Android feel it too. This app was designed to read the news to you from all your favorite news sources, even if you’re making lunch or browsing Facebook at the same time. Umano compiles current news articles and stories from top publishers like the New York Times, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and Salon, to name a few, covering a wide swath of interests from...

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