It’s Halloween! Yay! And that means as parents, the only thing we’ll have more of tomorrow morning than slimy, discarded candy wrappers, is digital photos.

Because you are of course obligated to send dozens of photos to every relative on your list as a demonstration of your kids’ cuteness/your creative prowess/a little of both, we’ve put together a few of our favorite photo sharing resources to bring your snapshots to the world.

For awesome videos from stills
If mere photos are not enough for you, it’s so easy to edit and share a professional looking video at Animoto. This year they’ve added a new selection of Halloween music you can use as your soundtrack with quite a few nice options from real bands. I was hoping for Bela Lugosi’s Dead, but hey, at least there’s no Monster Mash.

For photo ecards
If an ecard is more your speed, Smilebox (above) has a lot of Halloween themes. Get your kids costumed, and within minutes you can have a cute Happy Halloween card out to your entire email list. You can also edit a few pics into a basic slideshow to send; or if you’re snapping pics on the go and can’t wait to send them, try the new Smilebox app.

Red Stamp app | Cool Mom Tech

For photo ecards that become real cards
If you’re taking iPhone pics in between the Butterfingers and the candy corn, the Red Stamp app (above) can turn that fabulous candid of your little Luke Skywalker into an elegant Happy Halloween card on the spot, with the nicest designs anywhere. The really good part is that they can turn your digital card into a real live printed card and have it sent for you. Perfect for grandparents who prefer refrigerator doors to Facebook walls.

For group sharing
Say you want to collect all the class Halloween photos to send to the teachers, or get all the shots of your kids and their cousins to share with the grandparents. Then PhotoRocket is the service for you. It’s crazy easy to use, and you just add other contributors by email. No fees, no registration.

For your social networks
If you’re all about sharing to Twitter or Facebook (and all those fabulous filters) we still haven’t found a service we love as much as Instagram. You can share via email as well, but this technology was just made for public showing off. As are your kids on Halloween. No coincidence. –Liz