We couldn’t get May the Fourth go by without a few of our very favorite recent Star Wars picks. (“May the Fourth be with you?” Get it?) After all, we have a whole entire category just for them, and even a Star Wars Pinterest Board, considering our unabashed geeky love for all things Lucas. Even Jar Jar Binks. A little.Here, just some of the Star Wars goodies we love for families. In other words, no autographed pictures of Leia in Jabba’ slave gear. Unless you’re that kind of family.


If my singing “Good Morning To You” doesn’t get the kids out of bed, maybe the Imperial Death March will? This Darth Vader clock and I could learn to be good friends.


Star Wars posters from handz

Nursery art takes a turn away from cute bunnies and towards the Death Star, with this brilliant series of Empire Strikes back posters from a Czech artist.


Youda Infant Body Suit

You can’t have a collection of pop culture baby clothes without including a Yoda onesie, now, can you? This one comes from Micielo, an Etsy artist we’re smitten with–and the Princess Leia version pretty awesome too.


Star Wars cookie cutters

Star Wars cookie cutters can do wonderful things for a rainy Sunday indoors. Or stamp them into a
peanut butter sandwich and make lunchtime a little more epic.


Star Wars XBOX Bundle

Serious Kinect fans may already own the XBox Star Wars bundle, in which case all you need is the new Kinect Star Wars Game and the force on your side. Or the fourth? Either way, we imagine you have both today.