We’re excited to launch our annual Editors’ Best of the Year series, featuring our very favorite tech picks we’ve come across in 2013. There was no submission process, no “vote for me” component–just the stuff we love. And so we start with one of our most loved categories, the best gadget cases we’re coveting. After all, we all have gadgets. And they all need cool cases right?


Best Tech of 2013 | Cool Mom Tech

Adopted Leather iPhone Case
Kristen gets compliments every time she has her Adopted case on her iPhone (above). They’re sturdy and gorgeous: Basically everything you’d want in a smart phone case.

Best Gadget Cases 2013 - Lifeproof nüüd and frē cases for Samsung Galaxy | Cool Mom Tech

Lifeproof for Android
Finally, the super protective cases that iPhone users have loved for years is now available for Galaxy owners too. Yay for not losing your device to accidental dips in the ocean! While the LifeProof nüüd  lets you touch the screen directly, the Fre shown here offers the most protection for the screen as well. 

Best Gadget Cases 2013 - Orla Kiely for Belkin | Cool Mom Tech
Orla Kiely for Belkin:
This might have been our favorite tech collaboration of the year, with one of our favorite designers teaming up with one of our favorite tech companies–all available at Target, one of our favorite places to shop. There are designs for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini.We’re crossing fingers for Android versions in 2014.

Best Gadget Cases 2013- Knomo Montague laptop bag | Cool Mom Tech

Knomo Montague Laptop Backpack
For both style and substance, we love this quilted backpack that’s chic enough for meetings, but protects your precious 15″ laptop like a champ (and your shoulders, if you’re used to carrying your laptop like a handbag every day, ahem). Knomo tech bags are really well built and we’ve never gone wrong with one.

Best Gadget Cases 2013 - Mujjo iPad sleeve | Cool Mom Tech

Mujjo Handcrafted Tablet and Smartphone Sleeves
Another one to file under form + function, these sleek sleeves are stunning in felt with white leather accents. They’re gender-neutral, lightweight but protective enough, and feel professional without looking corporate.

Best Gadget Cases 2013 - Narwhal gadget cover | Cool Mom Tech

Best Gadget Cases 2013 - Doctor Who iPad case | Cool Mom Tech

Handmade Gadget Cozies from Life Geekery
Narwhal Kindle Case? Dr. Who or Harry Potter personally protecting your iPad? Sold.

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