Are your kids going as stir crazy as ours are with this Polar Vortex and other crazy weather? We’ve exhausted every board game and put together every puzzle we have in our house. So, TV. And child friendly entertainment on our computers.

With more parents looking for online options beyond the traditional cable TV experience, we looked at kids’ content providers like batteryPOP and KidZui to see how they stack up with Kidoodle, a new content provider specifically for kids’ entertainment online. We hope this guide helps you find the site that’s right for your own kids. When they’re not creating upcycled craft projects and reading Dostoyevsky, of course.
Kidoodle TV for kids | Cool Mom Tech


Ages: for kids under age 12
Unique feature: no commercials; password-protected “Parents’ Room” to set up controls including personal time limits
Content: Licensed shows your kids will recognize like My Little Pony, Bo on the Go, Madeline, Transformers animated series.
Cost: $4.99/month which includes up to 5 profiles so you can select show based on ages and interests.
Platforms: Available online and on iOS devices. (Android coming soon)
You should know: The site has no search feature currently, but it’s coming in a update soon. Also no way to block out Caillou. (CORRECTION: You can block any program by entering the Parents Room, clicking on a profile, finding the unwanted title and switching the toggle to “off.”)


batteryPOP kids' entertainment site | Cool Mom Tech

Ages: pre-teens
Unique feature: kids rank their favorite shows, which customizes what they see
Content: All original content including comedy, kids’ news, gaming tips; and most “shows” are five minutes or shorter
Cost: free
Platforms: Online, iOS and Android
You should know: They’ve got ads. From their site, “:15 pre and mid-roll video ads, full sponsorship of batteryPOP original shows, and exclusive sponsored sections on batteryPOP”


KidZui search categories | Cool Mom TechKidZui
Ages: 6-10
Unique feature: safe Internet browsing
Content: kid-safe games and videos online, but not a big focus on television shows
Cost: free
Platforms: iOS and online
You should know: This is the best option if your kids want to watch funny cat videos on You Tube, not television shows. The categories by gender are a little stereotypical and limiting; boys will like the “girls’ channel” and vice-versa.