I do love coffee, but I don’t always love what it does to my sleep schedule. So I was curious to check out the Jawbone UP companion app, UP Coffee, which sounds a little frivolous, but helps you track how much coffee you’ve had so you can see the impact of all those mochas and half-caf lattes.

I already use my Jawbone UP24 band and app to track my daily activity and my sleep, and I love it. It’s been fascinating to see the relationship between how much exercise I get and how well I sleep. UP Coffee adds another variable to the mix — caffeine intake. Just tap the plus button to add cups of coffee and tea (or ounces of chocolate, energy drinks, and even medications containing caffeine), and UP depicts all of that caffeine as dots sloshing around in a flask straight from the chemistry lab.

Here’s what my caffeine level would look like if I’d had a cup of regular coffee first thing, a mid-morning mocha, and a soda at lunch.

Jawbone UP Coffee app review | Cool Mom Tech

While I’m not yet wired, according to UP Coffee, it will take another eleven hours before I’m ready for a good night’s sleep. Of course this analysis is based on age, gender, height, weight, and self-reported sensitivity to caffeine so maybe you can fall asleep moments after slurping down a chai tea. But not me.

What I really like about this app is how you can see in advance what effect that late afternoon iced coffee or bottle of Coke might have on your ability to fall asleep later, even if you don’t have a Jawbone UP band. Add the drink to your UP Coffee flask before you whip it up and check whether it will push you over your threshold. You may just change your mind and take a walk around the block to wake up instead.

Of course if you’re finishing your taxes at midnight tonight, I’d say maybe wait until April 16 to start using it.

Learn more about the Jawbone UP Coffee app on the Jawbone website or download it free from the App Store



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