We’ve featured tons of no-tangle earbuds and cool organizers to help fix tangled headphones here on Cool Mom Tech. Even a cord taco which was a new one for us. but I’ve never ever seen earbud sweaters. Until now.

I had to chuckle when I saw these perfectly named earbud sweaters, which are really just hand knit yarn covers made to ward off the dreaded tangles we frequent earbud users know all too well. Pretty smart, right? Especially considering I spend a solid five minutes every morning untangling mine when I get to my local coffee shop to work.


How to fix earbud tangles: With hand-knit earbud "sweaters" on Etsy

Hand-knit earbud sweaters: How to fix earbud tangles:

At under $20 at this Canadian Etsy shop, I think they’re a fun gift or stocking stuffer, or a great deal for yourself to make it a little tougher for little pilferers around the house to make off with your earbuds. Surely we’re not the only one with that problem in our homes.

You can purchase the No More Tangles Earbud Sweaters at Willows Pocket on Etsy.

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