Next up in our Holiday Tech Gift guide series, we’ve put together some awesome gifts for the fitness fans in your life: The very coolest of the cool fitness tech gadgets to help someone achieve those lofty goals — even if the first goal is just to get started. Whether you’re shopping for a runner, a biker, a yoga fan, or a couch potato (though not for much longer), here are our top picks for fitness tech gifts that will be favorites long after the holidays.

And we’re so pleased to present our 2014 Tech Gift Guide on behalf of our sponsor, Sharper Image, who knows a little something about cool tech gifts of all kinds. Naturally we had to include a couple awesome fitness tech gifts from their own shop, plus you’ll find tons of other outdoorsy tech items to choose from too.

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Tech gifts for runners

Fitness tech gifts: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, with integrated heart rate monitor ($199.99, Amazon)

You read that right: these wireless earbuds sense and monitor heart rate, no chest strap required. They charge up quickly and stay comfortably in place while running. Plus the free Jabra app for iOS and Android includes audio coaching and post-workout stats. Heart rate training just got a lot easier and more comfortable.

Fitness tech gifts: Fitletic Quench Retractable Hydration Belt

Fitletic Quench Retractable Hydration Belt ($48.95, Amazon)

Fitletic belts are a big favorite of ours, and this particular running belt can carry just about everything a runner could need — or it can carry almost nothing at all. The versatility is what makes this belt one of our top picks for casual 5K runners all the way up to ultra-marathoners.


Fitness tech gifts: Nike Thermal Tech Run Gloves for Women

Nike Thermal Tech Run Gloves for Women ($21.99 on sale, Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Don’t let chilly weather relegate a runner you love to the human hamster wheel. Stay toasty and in touch on outdoor runs with these thermal gloves that are smartphone compatible too. Hint: If you want plain black gloves, grab a pair of the men’s in a smaller size. They’re a bit cheaper too.


Fitness tech gifts: Bluetooth Earmuffs with Voice Command

Bluetooth Earmuffs with Voice Command ($69.99, Sharper Image)

Keep those ears warm when out for mid-winter runs without muffling your playlist or stringing a headphone cord down through all those layers of clothing. These very clever fleece-lined earmuffs make a super gift. They fit snugly and pair easily with any Bluetooth smartphone. Plus they connect via voice to Siri or Google Now — especially helpful for finding a hot chocolate pit stop. (See how we think?)


Tech gifts for swimmers

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro ($35.45, Amazon)

Swimmers can rev up their swim pace with this smart gadget that acts like a metronome for your stroke. Set the pace, pop it under your cap, and time your strokes to coincide with the beep. So simple, but so effective.


Fitness tech gifts: Moov fitness tracker

Moov fitness tracker ($79.95 at Moov; limited quantities available)

There are so many awesome fitness trackers we’ve covered that all make great gifts,  but we love the brand new Moov because it actually uses artificial intelligence and super high-tech sensors to gather data on your workout and compile feedback via the free Moov apps. While the run/walk and cardio boxing apps are cool, it’s the swim app that really knocks our goggles off. (Cyclists, stay tuned. Your Moov app is coming soon.)


Fitness tech gifts: Waterproof iPod Shuffle HydroHarmony Bundle

Waterproof iPod Shuffle HydroHarmony Bundle ($139.99, Underwater Audio)

While some of us love the sensory deprivation of swimming — let’s be honest, you can’t hear children bickering when your head is submerged — others miss the motivation provided by an upbeat playlist. This fully waterproofed iPod Shuffle and headphone set makes it super easy and safe to bring your tunes into the pool so the meters fly by.


Tech gifts for cyclists

Fitness tech gifts: Rechargeable LED Bike Light

Rechargeable LED Bike Light ($99.99 on sale, Sharper Image)

Bike safety doesn’t stop when you put on your helmet. Mount this small but mighty bike light on your handlebars to help make sure you can see and be seen. It only weighs a pound, and the LED bulb is good for 50,000 hours — enough training time to get you to the Tour.

PowerCal Power Meter and Heart Rate Monitor ($119.99, Amazon)

For cyclists who want to take their bike training up a notch, but don’t have the budget for an actual power meter, the PowerCal could be a really smart compromise. It’s a chest strap that looks like an old school heart rate monitor, but it uses algorithms based on years of data from thousands of athletes to correlate heart rate with power output. And if all of this sounds like gibberish to non-cyclists, not to worry. Your favorite cyclist on Santas list will totally geek out over it.


Fitness tech gifts: BKOOL Bike Trainer + Simulator

BKOOL Bike Trainer + Simulator ($499.99, Amazon)

Indoor cycling can be gloomy, but not with this amazing setup. Yes it’s a splurge, although the price point is surprisingly accessible compared to similar trainers, and the BKOOL offers incredibly cool features. Like virtual rides anywhere in the world that make you feel like you’re on that route, whether your own neighborhood or Stage 17 of the Tour de France. We’re crushing so hard on this gadget that it might earn a permanent spot in front of our own TVs.


Tech gifts for yoginis

Fitness tech gifts: SmartMat intelligent yoga mat

SmartMat intelligent yoga mat ($297, SmartMat)

I’ve taken some awesome yoga classes with super attentive instructors, but it’s still tough to know whether you’re in the right position, aligned and balanced properly. It looks like a regular yoga mat, but SmartMat is filled with sensors that recognize dozens of the most popular poses. It checks balance and alignment, offers corrections, and analyzes how well you’ve performed the pose. Unfortunately these mats aren’t scheduled to deliver until July 2015, but we bet any dedicated yogini would think SmartMat was worth the wait.


Fitness tech gifts: Yoga Download Instructional Videos

Yoga Download Instructional Videos ($10/month and up, Yoga Download)

Yoga is a wonderfully individual and non-competitive practice, but sometimes we’d rather explore a new style without the pressure of a new studio filled with strangers who all seem to know what they’re doing. Yoga Download is a smart, affordable resource that offers instructional videos from certified teachers, so that you can practice at your convenience. Purchase individual classes to stream via the web or Yoga Download iOS + Android apps, or get a monthly or yearly subscription for all the streaming your chakras can handle.


Fitness tech gifts: Yoga Smoga athletic wear

Yoga Smoga athletic wear ($ varies, Yoga Smoga)

With the surging popularity of yoga has come a wide variety of clothing choices, but Yoga Smoga really is different. All of their clothing is manufactured in the US, with great concern for environmental impact, fair wages and benefits for workers. We also happen to love the accurate images on their website–no Photoshop! Plus their athletic wear is comfortable, flattering, and washes and wears well — like the stripey racerback tank ($48, above) and the gorgeous Brooklyn Jacket ($128) — whether you’re doing an inversion in class or running to the store. They make stylish, smart athletic clothes for men, too.


Tech gifts for aspiring athletes

Fitness tech gifts: Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS sport watch

Garmin Forerunner 15 ($139.99, Amazon)

We’ve seen a lot of fitness trackers that we’ve loved, but this combination step tracker + GPS sport watch offers the greatest versatility. Wear it all the time to track steps, and it will nudge the user to get up and move when you’ve been idle too long. Then activate the GPS for a walk, run, or bike ride outdoors to track pace, distance covered, and calories burned. Pair it with Garmin Express or another app like MapMyRun or Nike+ to see improvement over time.


Fitness tech gifts: Goji Play wireless game controllers

Goji Play wireless game controllers ($99.99, Amazon)

For those who would rather start in the gym with cardio machines like the stair climber, elliptical, or stationary bike, Goji Play can make working out seem like a lot more fun. Download free Goji Play games onto an iOS device, connect the wireless controllers and attach them to the machine, and clip on the activity sensor. Then watch time fly as you work out while playing games. Climbing a hundred virtual flights of stairs has never been so fun.

Fitness tech gifts: Tory Burch for Fitbit, rose gold bracelet

Tory Burch for Fitbit in Rose Gold ($195, Tory Burch)

Working out isn’t glamorous, especially when you’re giving it your all. But the gorgeous Tory Burch accessories for Fitbit can help anyone feel more fabulous whatever outfit it’s complimenting. Plus, it’s so fashionable, it feels less like a nudge–something kind of important if you’re looking for a cool fitness tech gift for someone else.

Or if you’d like another pretty option at a lower price point, check out the Griffin ribbon wristbands we gushed about earlier this year. Too bad those don’t come in rose gold, but they’re still a fun way to dress up a fitness band.



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