I feel like everyone around me has the new iPhone 6, while I’m stuck using my little iPhone 5S. Man, it seems so small! If you’re like what seems like all of my friends and are sporting a fancy new phone (lucky you!), here are some cool new handmade iPhone 6 cases I stumbled upon at Poketo.

Gorgeous Native Union handmade wood iPhone 6 cases at Poketo

I love the trend of mixing wood with color that I’m seeing everywhere these days, but I’m pretty sure these cases, made by Native Union (who I already sort of have a love affair with, by the way), will be stylish long after that trend has passed.

And really, if you’re going to have to cover up what is definitely one of the prettiest phones I’ve seen, you’ve got to pick a case that doesn’t make you mind hiding it one bit.

You can purchase the Native Union handmade iPhone 6 cases at Poketo. And if you’re looking for more cool iPhone 6 cases, we’ve got tons of suggestions.