We’re big¬†Trivia Crack¬†fans, so it’s no surprise we’ve been enjoying the¬†Halloween-themed content in Trivia Crack Kingdoms¬†this weekend, and we bet you will too.

Unlike the original Trivia Crack app,¬†Trivia Crack Kingdoms lets you choose channels where the questions are submitted¬†by users around a central theme, like Game of¬†Thrones¬†or NFL¬†trivia. Or,¬†they’re curated by organizations like iHeartRadio, TIME or Greenpeace.

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Trivia Crack Kingdoms: The Halloween themes make this a fun free app to play with your kids this weekend.
Trivia Crack Kingdoms: Challenge yourself with Halloween-themed trivia questions on this fun free app.

Earn new characters in the Halloween themed channel on Trivia Crack Kingdoms.

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In their Halloween channel, the questions are all based on Halloween lore or history. Just take a spin through the app on your own first before you play with your kids, because if they’re¬†sensitive to creepy images and concepts, some of¬†these questions (and corresponding pictures) may be a little too scary for them.

Download Trivia Crack Kingdoms for iOS or Android for some pre-Halloween fun with your family.

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