When the end of Daylight Savings hit a couple weeks ago, I looked at all the well-rested, bright-eyed people around me with scorn. My 3-year-old woke up at the exact same time, except now an hour earlier, making me pine for the days when an extra hour actually meant something. Well, with Ooly, a new sleep gadget designed for kids, maybe it can.

Ooly is a sleep training gadget that relies on color cues for your child to determine when it’s time to be sleeping and when it’s okay to wake up. Red? Still sleep time. Green? You can come into our room! Using their app, parents can determine sleep times and wake up times, as well as colors. Then, Ooly sits quietly aside kids’ beds and changes colors with the time, giving kids the visual cues they need.

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Ooly helps kids and parents get more sleep

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Ooly doesn’t offer features like a digital clock, Bluetooth speaker and alarm functionality like REMI, another kid-sleep gadget we featured last year. But again, that’s why it’s a perfect gadget for your younger sleepers who don’t need those extra features. I also like how there’s a “lantern” feature that kids can use as a little light, if they need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Also, while it’s designed for kids ages 2-8, it seems best for the younger crowd who can’t tell time yet.

I’m a big fan of sleep, so anything that will help me get more of it, I’m on board with. Especially if it means that I’ll be the well-rested, bright-eyed one.

Ooly is currently running its Indiegogo campaign and expects to ship orders in May 2017. The early bird pricing is $69.