Technology is changing and our night lights are changing, too. If you haven’t seen everything that they can do, let me tell you: you’re missing out. They’ve come a long way, baby.

These days, night lights double as baby monitors and speakers, even smoke detectors. Here are 6 smart night lights that might just help make your lives (and nights) a whole lot easier.

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Aristotle by nabi

6 smart night lights: Aristotle by Nabi

We saw the power of Aristotle by nabi at CES and discovered that it’s way more than a very high-tech smart night light monitor. Similar to the Amazon Echo, Aristotle is an interactive gadget that grows with your kids, from providing nursery music as a baby, all the way to homework help in middle school. It also integrates into smart home functions and you can use it like you would Alexa, for music, news and even instant purchases, ensuring that your diaper supply is always good.

Suzy Snooze

6 smart night lights: Suzy Snooze

The award-winning Suzy Snooze is a smart night light, sleep soother, sleep trainer, and audio monitor. The Suzy Snooze illuminating color was designed to promote natural sleep hormones. If your baby does wake during the night, the cry sensor and smart technology can actually soothe your child back to sleep for you. As a sleep trainer, Suzy will quietly raise her hat when it’s time to get out of bed. And if they’re sleeping, they won’t hear a thing. No more early mornings.

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The REMI is an alarm clock, sleep tracker, smart night light, audio monitor, and Bluetooth speaker all-in-one. Phew! Everything is controlled by an app which gives parents full reign over the wake and sleep times, colors, music, faces and more. For babies, it can serve as an audio monitor, playing lullabies and letting you speak to your baby through the app. For older kids, it can stream music and serve as a cute alarm clock for getting them out of bed and off to school in time. And those cute faces serve as visual indicators. Smiley face set for 8:00 AM? Yes, please.

Hatch Baby Rest

6 smart night lights: Hatch Baby Rest

The creators of the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad (I love mine! Thanks, mom!) also make the Hatch Baby Rest. The Rest is a smart night light that can change color, but also functions as a sound machine and an ok-to-wake device for your little one’s room. And I really love that the Rest also has stylish coverlets so you can choose your design to match your nursery or toddler’s room. Cool!

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6 smart night lights: Leeo

The Leeo smart night light also monitors your existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. This smart night light plugs into your outlet and illuminates your room with fun colors, but also connects to your phone and monitors your existing smoke alarms. It can even contact emergency professionals if you’re not at home.

Philip Disney Friends of Hue Storylight

6 smart night lights: Philips Hue Disney Storylight

Even though the Phillip Disney Friends of Hue Storylight smart night light has been around for awhile, it’s still one of our favorites. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the other smart night lights we featured, but for families looking for a night light that can double as a book light, this works well. Not only changes the color on Mickey shaped ears, but it’s designed to sync with the Disney Storytime app to change colors when you change pages.