If you’re like us and have an abundance of geeks to buy for this holiday season, you’ll appreciate these awesome, affordable geeky gifts under $20 for the holidays. Whether they’re into Star Wars, Stranger Things, Dr. Who, or just losing themselves in great video games, these geeky gifts say, “We’re glad you’re who you are.” And we’re also glad you can fix our computers when they break, too.

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12 delightfully geeky gifts under $20| Cassette mini models

Cassette Pack mini models. These cool cassette models are an awesome gift for children of the 80s who haven’t lost their love of puzzles or mix tapes. ($7.50 for set of 3 at Power Pig)

Delightfully geeky gifts under $20 | Super Nintendo console mug

Super Nintendo console mug at Patent Prints. Calling all fans of Mario Brothers: Nostalgia’s on tap with this cool Nintendo mug that shows you how it all began. ($15.99 at Patent Prints)

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Delightfully geeky gifts under $20 | It's About Time Dr. Who pin

Doctor Who It’s About Time Pin. We love just about everything Karen Hallion creates, but Doctor Who super fans will especially fond of this Doctor Who pin celebrating the long overdue female Doctor. ($15 at KHallion Etsy shop) 

Geeky gifts under $20: 8-Bit hat

8-Bit Rainbow Baseball Cap. Even if the geek in your life now uses a mind-boggling high pixel retina screen these days, we still think they’ll appreciate this throwback 8-bit baseball cap.  ($19.99 at Think Geek)

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Delightfully geeky gifts under $20 | Video game collection puzzle

Video Games Collection Puzzle. Clear off your coffee table and recruit some friends because we predict this 1,000-piece video game puzzle will require a serious commitment. Good thing the geeks I know relish a challenge. ($18 at Uncommon Goods)

Delightfully geeky gifts under $20 | Creation of Adam Parody Pouch

Creation of Adam Parody Pouch. If your goal is to gently tease a family member who’s a little too invested in AI and VR, we think this ironic geeky carry-all pouch will give them a good laugh. ($15.99 at society6)

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Delightfully geeky gifts under $20 | USB and floppy disc t-shirt

USB Floppy Disk I Am Your Father Shirt. Whether they’re young enough to be shocked by this revelation, or they’re old enough to have lived through the transition, we think this funny floppy disk t-shirt will make them smile. ($14.39 at Tees Paradise)

Delightfully geeky gifts for $20 | Rebel Alliance Infinity Scarf

Rebel Alliance Infinity Scarf. This Star Wars scarf is subtle enough to wear everyday, but it will still let fellow Star Wars fans know which side you (or the geek you’re buying for) is on. ($19.99 at Think Geek)

Delightfully geeky gifts under $20 | Double Wrapped Helix Socks

Double Wrapped Helix Socks. These helix socks are such a fun accent for a dressed up work look, especially if you’re buying for a scientist, doctor, or geneticist in your life. ($18 at Uncommon Goods)

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Geeky gifts under $20: Tiny Arcade | Tech Holiday Gift Guide

Tiny Arcade Retro Games. Anyone else miss long Saturday afternoons at the arcade? Well, the experience is now available in these wrappable mini arcade retro games that we think will be a big hit on Christmas morning. ($19.99 at Think Geek)

Delightfully geeky gifts under $20 : Star Wars Porg Earrings

Star Wars Porg Earrings. We pretty much lost our minds over Utinni Boutique’s  Porgicorns when they arrived on the scene, but if you’re buying for a more by-the-book Star Wars fan, you can always stick with these equally adorable straight-up porg earrings. ($13.99 at Utinni Boutique Etsy shop)

12 delightfully geeky gifts under $20 : Stranger Things Steve Harrington Mom Mug

Stranger Things Steve Harrington Mom Mug. Defending children from demogorgons since 2017, it’s our favorite well-coiffed ex-boyfriend Steve! Now available on this hilarious Stranger Things Mom of the Year Steve Harrington mug. ($14.95 at Tcombo Etsy shop)

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