From questionable Snapchat stories to gadgets that make our lives easier, we rounded up our top 10 most popular Cool Mom Tech posts of 2018. Happy New Year!

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10. How to figure out which categories Facebook has assigned to you. Wondering how all those ads know what you like. This is why!

9. My review of the Apple AirPods. I stopped making fun of everyone wearing them, and gave them a try. TL;DR = they’re awesome.

8. What piece of art do you look most like? Remember that Google Arts & Culture app everyone was using and then posting the results on their social media feeds?

The 4 best meal planning apps for families

7. Helpful meal planning appsWe tested a bunch of meal planning apps and found 4 that really worked.

6. The viral iPhone keyboard trick that really works.This little trick has made our typing lives a whole lot easier. Yes, that’s a thing in 2018. (And probably in 2019 too).

5. How to use Alexa to make your grocery list. Huge thanks to our Recipe Rescue Facebook group who shared this fantastic tip. We know lots of people got an Alexa just so they could do this.

4. How to check which 3rd party apps are connected to your Facebook account. All the security breaches this year prompted people to delete app connections, and for good reason.

The Leviton Decora Smart Mini Plug-in makes your life easier | Sponsor

3. 12 ways to use this little smart gadget to make your life easier. We love when our sponsors are things we love anyway, which is the case for the Leviton Decora Smart Mini Plug-In.

2. Is MoviePass good for families? Back when it first launched, we loved it (though it wasn’t the best for families). However, after lots of changes due to loss in profits, it’s definitely not what it used to be.

1. What parents need to know about Cosmo After Dark. Thankfully, this racy SnapChat story was nipped in the bud soon after it launched.

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