I am so grateful for these terrific mindfulness podcasts for kids.I know I’m not the only one seeing increased anxiety levels in my kids since COVID turned their worlds — and ours — upside down. So all the resources I can find to help my kids cope are so valuable to me.

With these mindfulness podcasts made just for kids, my son and I can now walk on the moon together, pick flowers from a meadow, or ride on a cloud (in our imaginations, that is) to calm him down before the school day or when swim lessons start.

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Find affirmations for kids from the Like You Podcast for kids
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And hey, it can’t hurt parents stop and take a deep breath either these days, right?


4 terrific mindfulness podcasts for kids


1. Best Day Yet: Affirmations for Kids Podcast

Excellent mindfulness podcasts for kids: Best Day Yet: Affirmations for Kids

The Best Day Yet podcast is a great mindfulness podcast choice for slightly older kids who are capable of more sustained meditation. Say, 10 to 15 minutes. This podcast has impressive production value, so it’s easy to get lost in the meditation stories. I like that they also introduce kids to positive affirmations, thanks to the writing and guidance of  hostMarjorie Stordeur, who has a 20 year background in education and children’s media in addition to being a yogi herself.

If you need a place to start, try the Self Love for Kids episode, or for something more specific Affirmations for a Calm & Confident School Day is lovely. 

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2. Like You: Mindfulness for Kids Podcast

Excellent mindfulness podcasts for kids: Like You: Mindfulness for Kids

The Like You podcast (get the double entendre there?) is hosted by dad of two Noah Glenn, and offers a fun mixture of stories, affirmations, breathing exercises, and lessons on emotional regulation all in convenient podcast form. The episodes may be a little long for preschoolers, but I think grade schoolers and older kids can really benefit.

The episodes called Feelings are Visitors and Popping Worry Bubbles are particularly wonderful, and at under 20 minutes each — sometimes as short as 12 minutes, they’re manageable when you don’t have a lot of time, like right before school.

They also have a Patreon page, if you want to upgrade to a membership level for some additional content and other benefits.


3. Peace Out: Mindfulness Stories for Kids Podcast

Excellent mindfulness podcasts for kids: Peace Out: Mindfulness Stories for Kids

The Peace Out podcast for kids, created by educator, family supports practitioner, and yoga guide Chanel Tsang, is entering its fifth season. That means there’s already so much content you can go through to help you find exactly what your child needs. I appreciate that they focus on breathing techniques in every episode, but use different themes, like dinosaurs, forests, and space to keep even younger kids interested and engaged. (I particularly love the Try, Try and Try Again episode to help foster persistence.)

Bonus: the Peace Out website includes great supplemental resources and articles for parents in the show notes for each episode, to help keep the learning going, if a theme strikes a cord with your kids.

4. Relax and Be Happy: Mindfulness for Children Podcast

Excellent mindfulness podcasts for kids: Relax and Be Happy | Mindfulness for Children

The Relax and Be Happy podcast is an especially good mindfulness podcast for younger kids who may not have the attention span for longer meditations. It’s hosted by Bari Koral — a family music artist we’ve known for ages, who also teaches the Yogapalooza you and mindfulness course for kids, with music by Grammy-winning New Age artist Paul Avgerinos.

Most episodes run only two to four minutes. and feature bite-size, kid-friendly versions of the kinds of meditation topics on apps like Calm that you may be familiar with. This way, you can choose an episode based on what your child needs: relaxation, cheer, motivation, “candle breath.”

This podcast does happen to be part of the subscription-based Pinna app (a CMT favorite!), but you can listen to a sample before you commit.

Top image: Ben Mullins via Unsplash

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