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Dads Dig This – Samsung PICO Projector

Wondering what sorts of tech dads are into? Here’s one of our fave dad bloggers, Pierre Kim, aka MetroDad, sharing his current obsession in our next installment of Dads Dig This. When I was a little kid, I spent my summers at a gorgeous sleep-away camp up in Maine. Every Sunday night, the counselors would set up an outdoor projector and would screen old Hollywood movies on a bedsheet. The picture was horrible and the sound quality was atrocious. But those Sunday night movies are among the fondest memories of my childhood. Now with my Samsung SP-H03, I’m reliving...

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Adult Swim junkies, rejoice!

With a sigOth who’s pretty much addicted to anything animated, we’ve made a deal – he doesn’t complain about my Real Housewives addiction (shhhh…) and I let him fill up the DVR with Adult Swim episodes. So when I saw that Cartoon Network is offering up the ultimate gift for Adult Swim fans, I thought, yes! Yes! The build your own custom Adult Swim DVD is simply brilliant. The interface is super intuitive too–provided you know your shows. Just select from over 30 Adult Swim shows, including Space Ghost, Sea Lab, Venture Bros, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and our...

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Shooting from the heart – better than shooting from the hip.

I might be aging myself here, but remember when only professional photographers had professional cameras? Now it seems that every other house has a professional level camera, even if most people don’t know how to get the most out of them. Enter the fabulous new book from the women behind the beloved online photo community, Shutter Sisters. The new book Expressive Photography- The Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting From the Heart offers excellent tips on improving your photography skills by showing you photography examples and explaining how and why they were captured. What sets this book apart from other...

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The futuristic world of streaming movies on demand

Imagine…you put the kids to bed, pour some wine and watch the movie of your choice without having to listen to the guy behind you smack his lips on Sour Patch Kids. The line between TV and PC is becoming blurred and the newest gadgets and services aim to make each more like the other. Recently, I shared a few devices for watching streaming movies at home, perfect for moms who aren’t exactly hitting the theater every weeknight. In streaming movies redux, here are more options that provide you with instant access to movies and TV shows directly to...

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Good news for SIRIUS XM users. Who are women. And need some inspiration.

If you have SIRIUS XM, you know it’s not just about 80’s music and 47 channels of sports. Or at least it’s not this Saturday, when you can even tune in for some heavy-duty female empowerment. On October 30, SIRIUS XM will broadcast key speeches and interviews from The Women’s Conference 2010, with impressive speakers like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Eve Ensler, and Mary J. Blige all speaking on issues of women’s empowerment. This is, actually, the first time I heard of The Women’s Conference, a three-day forum created in 2004 to empower women...

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Putting an end to the old “parents never get to see movies” thing.

Ask any parent for the name of the last movie they saw in a theater and you’ll likely be met with a glazed look in their eyes while they wistfully ponder – and wrack their brains for – what that is. When conducting an informal survey of fellow moms, some answers I got were, Sex and the City (2008), Dreamgirls (um, hello 2006), Up in the Air (2009) and “I can’t even remember.” That’s pretty sad, ladies, but completely understandable. Between finding a babysitter, the $6 pint of popcorn and the fact that you’re in the dark with your...

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Gentlemen, start your Roku

Previously posted on Cool Mom Picks We’re always on the look out for the perfect Father’s Day gift, or heck, any occasion gift for the men in our lives who are often hard to shop for. And selfishly, we kind of like gifts that we can get some use out of too. If you’ve got a movie junkie in the house, take a look at the Roku Video player, which I love because I’ve got the kind of SigOth who thinks that dropping an envelope in the mail to return a DVD is hard work. Basically for a very...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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