Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges! Unless they’re for things like Awesomeness, which they are. We hope you’ll give this round-up of picks the “You’re the Bomb” badge.

1. Google isn’t just for finding pics of Ryan Reynolds. Here are four cool, time-saving Google tricks you might not know.

2. We loved those geek badges we featured a while back, but they were pretty exclusive. Now we’ve found Facebook badges that you can really use. Way better than a poke.

3. For drama without the drama, get this amazing iPad app for your budding thespian/puppeteer/imagineer.

4. This super-brilliant app turns your smart phone into a walkie talkie with GPS. And it’s free!

5. Last week’s free mp3 download has a bouncy beat about everybody’s favorite summer game, Freeze Tag. At least something’s frozen, right?

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