I’ve never had a problem with creating to-do lists, but having different lists scattered in different places seems to defeat the purpose of getting organized. So in the vein of actually having my to-do lists in one place, I’ve pulled together some of the best list-making apps out there. Jeana 


For simple and classic to do lists, TeuxDeux is your ticket. The app created by design blogger and entrepreneur extraordinaire Tina Roth Eisenberg, automatically syncs to the web-based TeuxDeux site so you can access your information from anywhere. An aesthetically-pleasing (of course), no frills online platform, TeuxDeux is perfect for those of you who just want list builders– and the glorious ability to cross off items!–without all the other fancy stuff. I also love the “Someday” list option for those things we’ll hopefully get around to, if not this week or this year. Fill in your second-grader’s baby book, anyone? ($2.99, iOS)

Organize your to-do lists with Orchestra

If you’re always on the go and want a cool feature like voice recognition to dictate your to-dos, check out Orchestra. You can designate separate lists for things like work,house, personal, this weekend and also organize by timeframe so you are reminded that you have to bring paper plates into your kid’s classroom tomorrow morning. You can also forward third party invites, reminders and bill notices to tasks@orchestra.com to merge them into your to do list and keep everything organized.
(Free, iOS)

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi to-do list app and family organizer

It’s hard to create talk about to-do list apps without including Cozi,the gold standard in to-do list apps for families. Way more than a list-maker, Cozi also lets you manage everyone’s schedules, sync calendars, share grocery lists, plus it sends you helpful reminders for all these things you have to do on your to do list. It also syncs with the Cozi Family website.
(Free, iOS, Android, Blackberry)

Don’t Forget Your List
Don't Forget Your List GPS-based app
This is an awesome organization app that we recently discovered. More than a mere list-maker, it’s GPS-based and keeps an eye on your location, so it offers reminders as you approach a store that you need to get something from. Genius! ($1.99, iOS)


Paperless to-do list app
The last app on my list is one called Paperless. This easy-to-use app offers all the basic list-making features, but also lets you put a lock on specific lists that you don’t want wandering eyes to see, like if you’re planning a surprise birthday party. Or uh, making notes from 50 Shades of Grey? It also comes with cute icons you can attach to each to-do to help make that long list slightly more palatable. (iOS, free for lite / $2.99 for premium)