Once again, it’s that time we seek out the very best Halloween apps for kids to help keep them in the Halloween spirit, without wearing out their costumes and polishing off the mini Kit-Kats before the 31st even hits. And once again, it’s a hard job. But aha! We’ve found quite a few we love. Here are just a few Halloween app favorites to keep things as spooky, creative, or harmlessly fun as your kids will like.

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8 Halloween apps for kids for spooky, creative, or silly fun


Figaro Pho Fear Factory(iOS, Android, $.99 – at top)

Think of a puzzle game like Cut the Rope designed by Tim Burton (or some equally dark, talented animators and storytellers) and you get the gist. A little better for older kids because it’s creepy and it’s hard! And yet, adorable. Also, try the original app Creatures and Critters (on Google Play too) and the brand new Fear of Aliens.


supercrayon alien coloring app for iOS | cool mom picks

Silly Aliens Super Coloring App (iO, $.99)
27 wonderful creatures all created by real cartoonists, for kids to turn into their own, save, and even print and share.


Pic Monkey for Halloween | cool mom tech

Pic Monkey Halloween Pack (online, free with upgrade to Royale feature)
Our favorite free online picture editor does a great job with Halloween–let kids upload their own photos then turn the faces into zombies and vampires, add dramatic filters, or just go to town with cute Halloween stamps and eerie typefaces.


peekabook trick or treat app with ed emberley | cool mom picks

Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley (iOS, $1.99)
Little kids and preschoolers can get in on the fun with this simple, cartoony app that reveals cute ghoulish creatures when you tap a set of doors.


stella and sam halloween band app | cool mom tech

Stella and Sam Halloween Band (iOS, $1.99)
The illustrations are so beautiful in this app, it’s really stands out from the hastily assembled Halloween apps for kids with clip art and vector illustrations. Kids tap and touch to change instruments, play any of the six notes, and make their own music. It doesn’t have to be Monster Mash, either.

bouncy bill halloween app for android | cool mom tech

Bouncy Bill Halloween (Android, free)
This highly rated puzzle game franchise branches out with the cute turtle (no, it’s not OmNom) conquering levels Halloween style. If your kids like Doodle Jump this one wil be a blast.


motion maze app | cool mom tech

Motion Maze Trick or Treat app (iOS, free)
Kids lead a little ghost on a motion-activated maze to reach a pumpkin accompanied by creepy sound effects, and this actually gets kids moving. Just make sure you put it on a well-protected iPhone or iPad!


zombie! zombie! zombie! app | cool mom tech

Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! (iOS, free)
We couldn’t do a post on Halloween apps without at least one good zombie option. This free app is definitely for older kids both in terms of skill and the cartoon violence. With more than 100 levels your kids will be playing it long after you’ve wrangled the toilet paper out of your trees.