They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for most of us it’s also one of the least thought out. (Cereal, anyone?) We recently featured a ton of easy weekday breakfast ideas to help you out, plus there’s an app from the makers of Lala Lunchbox that you might want to download too.

The iPhone app LaLa Breakfast ingeniously pulls your kids into the process by turning meal planning into a game. Even beginner readers can navigate well enough to plan their own healthy breakfasts.

LaLa Breakfast breaks down the morning meal into 4 components: eggs, produce, grains and proteins. To plan a breakfast, you or your kiddo drag and drop a food into each food group to ensure a well-balanced start to the day.

All of the food choices are selected from healthy pre-sets or a list of items that you’ve added to your customized food library. So, unless you add it yourself, chocolate bars are not an option. (That’s just for us, after the kids go to school ahem.)

You can also control the size of your child’s breakfast. And I think the best part is that LaLa Breakfast magically turns your breakfast plan for the week into a shopping list.

My kids love that they get a say in what’s served for breakfast every morning. Well, that and the cute LaLa Breakfast monsters.

I love knowing exactly what to make and that my kids will actually eat what’s served. There’s something about having planned it themselves that makes all the difference. When they forget and give me trouble, I just hold up my phone and remind them that they chose everything on their breakfast plate. No more whine with my breakfast.

LaLa Breakfast app is from the makers of LaLa Lunchbox, a similar app for planning lunch.