If you’re redecorating, considering redecorating, or have even once had a vague dream about redecorating that you kind of remembered in the morning, it’s a pretty exciting time to roll up your sleeves get it done. Especially considering all the tech innovations out there made just for you. Whether you’re redoing the master bedroom, turning a home office into a nursery, or finally creating the man cave of your fantasies, we’ve got tons of tech ideas to make your home smart, functional, energy-saving, and very very cool.

On behalf of our awesome sponsor Dyson, gods among home appliance junkies, and makers of the totally amazing new DC65 vacuum we’ve put together 9 of our very favorite tech innovations if you’re in home reno mode. Including Dyson’s new vacuum. Because, are you kidding us? It’s a Dyson.


Top tech innovations for redecorating projects | Cool Mom Tech

 1| Dyson D65 Vacuum : Advancements to clean across carpets and hard floors better than any other vacuum.
2| Sonos Wireless Speaker System : Big sound, small speakers, amazing Bluetooth connectivity.
3| Mother Home Monitoring Device : The newest technology for tracking motion in any room.
4| Legrand Adorne electrical outlets : Sleek, colorful, and USB equipped.
5| We-Mo Insight Switch : Turn appliances on and off remotely; monitor energy usage easily.
6| IKEA Augmented reality app : See what your future furniture looks like in your current room.
7| Lumen TL800 LED Bluetooth Smart Bulb : Huge savings, and features beyond your typical bulb.
8| Bluelounge Cable Box : Beautifully low-tech solution to high-tech cord clutter.
9| Houzz App + Kids Room App : Inspiration + professional help as close as your smart phone.


Thanks so much to our sponsor Dyson and the new DC65 vacuum which cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors. (If you’re having a kid, trust us, you’ll want that.) Visit their site to see which one is right for you.