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A bluetooth keyboard carved just for you

I love the juxtaposition of high and low tech that comes with wood tech accessories and wooden gadget covers. But this wooden bluetooth keyboard takes the cake. Made to order from a single piece of maple or walnut, the Oree Board from Oree Design on Etsy is one of the prettiest tech gadgets I’ve seen. And clearly, the best looking bluetooth keyboard by far. It really is a fully-functional keyboard that works with any tablet, smart phone, or computer that is bluetooth-enabled. Of course, handcrafted wooden tech gadgets custom made just for you in France are not necessarily budget-friendly,...

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The eco-friendly radio from Vers that plays great music and plants trees too.

Has the audiophile in your life been very, very good this year? One more to add to our coolest audio gifts list: a beautiful, compact portable sound system and alarm clock that’s beautiful inside and out, thanks to sustainable wood and high quality stereo components that are built to last. Bonus: it comes with a remote control… and a free tree. The Vers 1.5R is basically a sexy little cube of gorgeous sound that will blow those cheap plastic doodads in the checkout line out of the water. The bamboo or walnut wood cabinet is sustainable, crafted by hand,...

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The bamboo solar charger takes green tech to a new level

While I think everything we write about here on Cool Mom Tech is…well, cool, every so often we find something that so perfectly fills my wants and needs that I’d swear it was made just for me. The Photojojo bamboo solar charger is one of those perfect picks. It uses the sun to charge any gadget with a USB connector, and the charger is housed in a gorgeous, sustainable bamboo case. So smart, and so eco-friendly too. I’m already thinking about a bunch of ways I can use it: Skiing, camping, biking, and time at the beach and pool...

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A safer camera toy for kids than your old point-and-shoot

So as it turns out, it’s not a good idea to give a small child your old tech to play with. Once we learned how many toxic components and metals were in those remote controls, cell phones and cameras, we’ve retrieved the outdated gadgets from their hands (and yeah, mouths), and instead turned to low-tech tech toys for kids, like these great finds.    Twig Creative, makers of the awesome Anagram wooden Instagram camera toy, is now making a ton of different toy cameras for kids, all from sustainable, safe wood. And cotton straps. And cork. No Cadmium, really!   On Umbabox,...

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Handcrafted iPad and smartphone sleeves that can hold their own in any board room

Last year we discovered the fabulous handmade iPad and laptop sleeves from Mujjo, a neat little Dutch company, and I have to say, I’ve had them on the brain every since. Something about the combo of natural wool felt and leather is just so visually rich. So I’m happy to see they’ve expanded the line to cover even more gadgets, and with even more styles. The totally handcrafted, sustainably made Mujjo iPad Sleeve and laptop sleeve are both now available with white leather to accent the grey wool felt, and wow, it’s stunning. A tad less masculine than the...

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Lolly Scented Watches. A.K.A. Smell ya later

The idea of a scented watch doesn’t exactly make me go running for my credit card. But when I got a taste (heh) of these in person at the NY International Gift Show this week, well I’ve now got some kids begging for new watches. And I’m not closed to the idea for myself. The Lolly Watch Juice Collection offers up a series of nice looking, colorful wristwatches all on their own, before you add the fact that they’re scented with flavors like apple, blueberry orange, pineapple, and my favorite, coconut. (And bless you Lolly for making the black...

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An iPhone dock that makes even the cord look beautiful

There’s no shortage of cool desktop phone docks out there, as you probably know by now. From really clever iPhone docks to really cute iPhone docks whatever your tastes, there’s a dock to match. But I’m really loving this iPhone dock which is not only eco-friendly, I think it would look great pretty much anywhere. The Chisel iPhone 4/4S dock is made of sustainable bamboo, and I love how it incorporates the plug right into the design, keeping your desk more tangle free–and less tempting for my cats who think those overpriced cords are chew toys, grrr. It does seem like...

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Oh Appy Day! featuring Ted Danson

Oh Appy Day! gives you the scoop on the coolest apps from some of the coolest people anywhere. This week, Ted Danson shares his favorite! Wherever you are, the Seafood Watch app will tell you what’s good to eat and why. If you eat this way, it can have an impact on the market, which will have an impact on the fisheries. Then you can really make a difference all around the world. –Ted Danson You can download the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch App free from the iTunes store, to choose ocean-friendly seafood at restaurants and stores. Ted...

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Piquing our geek – Recyclable cornstarch headphones

As much as I try to avoid plastic toys for my kids when I can, it’s pretty tough when it comes to technology. So that’s why these headphones caught my attention, well beyond the fact that they look pretty cool. The Noisezero O+ Eco headphones are made out of cornstarch bioplastics and reused aluminum which makes them completely recyclable, though given that they’re touted to have super clear sound and a fab bass, thanks in part to the bioplastics actually, you might not be tossing them in the recycle bin anytime soon. Even so, they are a cool gift...

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Ditch your cord nest with WrapWrap

I’m really not averse to plastic gadgets if they help make my life easier, but I’m always on the lookout for more eco-friendly options. And that’s exactly what I found with this handy tool that will help you keep your headphone and earbud cords knot free. Enter WrapWrap, a simple, smart concept created by Japanese designer Naoto Yoshida, who, like me, was really tired of dealing with the super long headphone cords. Made using local scrap wood from a furniture manufacturer, you simply wrap your cord around (hence, the name) and go about your music listening; when you’re done,...

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