Of course back to school time is mostly about the kids, but we moms and dads need all the help we can get too, to ensure we get the kids out the door on time, all while keeping up with our own busy schedules.

While we can’t offer you a free sitter, housekeeper and the staff of 10 that could help make things easier, we can show you a whole bunch of amazing apps we tracked down just for parents. With any luck, your your days will run like a well-oiled machine.

The Awesome Note note-taking app acts as an organizer, calendar, even a digital filing cabinet that syncs with Google Docs and Evernote. Add in the handy draw-on feature and we’re pretty sure it does everything but drive the kids to school. ($3.99 for iPhone and iPad, or try the free lite version)

Back to school apps for parents: Dropbox

Store important health forms, numbers, even passwords and special documents so the whole family can access them securely with Dropbox. (from free to $20/month; for all platforms)

Back to school apps for parents: Maths Monkey from School A to Z

Since it’s been mumblemumble years since you were in school dividing fractions or identifying the predicate clause, nothing wrong with enlisting a little help. School A to Z is a free app made just for parents, to give you a little extra boost yourself in English, Math, Spelling and Technology, so you can help your own kids out with homework. (free for iPhone and iPad)

Back to school apps for parents: Dragon Go! dictation app

With the dictation app Dragon Go, you can search for whatever you’re looking for–like say, directions to the soccer field or the nearest post drop-off coffee from the school–all without taking your hands off the wheel. (free for iPhone and iPad)

Back to school apps for parents: Red Rover

Smart location-based social apps like RedRover (pictured) or the very simple Instant Playdates are made just for parents. They let you setup impromptu playdates and meet-ups without a single phone call, email, or ridiculous string of text messages. (free for iPhone and Android)

Back to school apps for parents: To Do list from Teux Deux

Wrangle your daily to-do lists with TeuxDeux, a cool app that organizes lists by day with an easy to use drag and drop feature. It is very simple, for times that simple is just what’s called for. Plus, you can sync between multiple phones so if you’re in a household of iPhone users, you’re all on the same page. Or screen. ($2.99 for iPhone)

Back to school apps for parents: iReward Chart

Chore sheets go digital with iReward Chart. You can track all of your kids’ after-school duties and rewards with a few simple taps; no construction paper required. ($3.99 for iPhone, free for Android)


Email groups are so 2010. Create a Google+ circle for your PTA association, mom’s group, or classroom parents so that you can keep in touch, without having to bother with emails you forget to read anyway. (free for iPhone and Android)

Back to school apps for parents: Scrabble app

Angry Birds fans though we are, we’ve found nothing like a good old game of Scrabble (pictured) or Words with Friends to pass the time during Ballet II, or those final few minutes before pickup. ($1.99 for iPhone and iPad)

Back to school apps for parents: Starbucks app for Android

Starbucks app. Need we say more? (free for Android, iPhone)

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