Author: Kristen Chase

Sing your baby to sleep with your smart phone

Even though I’m the one with a few music degrees, it just so happens that my husband is the bedtime songbird around our house. Only problem is that he travels much of the month, leaving me to try to recreate his original lullabies for each of the kids. And then we found this cool new app that lets him put the kids to sleep, even if he’s not actually here. The My Voice Baby Lullaby app is ridiculously simple to use but utterly brilliant. Just ignore the cheesy graphics and get right to the good stuff–recording your voice. Simply...

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Hands free – Music to a busy mom’s ears

I’ve definitely raised an eyebrow when I’ve seen what looks like someone talking to themselves at a restaurant, only to notice some giant bluetooth headset stuck in their ear. But with “hands-free” being the only legal option in many states for car cellphone usage, and as a mom of four who needs her hands for all sorts of things other than holding a mobile phone, I agreed to give the hands free headset from Jabra a try. The Jabra Stone bluetooth headset is far different than anything I’ve ever seen or tried, with extremely sleek over the ear styling,...

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Cocoon Grid-it – Transforming you into an organizational butterfly

I’m one of those moms who could reallllly use one of those purse organizers and would get one then never actually use it; mostly because they contain a set number of pockets of specific sizes, which just doesn’t fly for this free spirit. (That’s code for “woman who likes to just toss things in her bag.”) But I found an organizer, actually made for tech, that might just do the trick. Granted, the Grid-It organizer from Cocoon was designed more for laptop bags than for purses, but hey, since I carry my laptop in my purse, why not? The...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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