Our guide to the best headphones for kids of all ages

With a lot of online learning (and online Zoom calls with grandparents) here to stay, check out these well-researched picks. 

Can a Smart Water Bottle really help you stay hydrated this summer?

We tried this one for a week. Here’s how it went.

Trending right now. As in, this second.

Tech Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier.

Even More Coolness. Enjoy!

Nintendo Switch! Get it?

Nintendo Switch! Get it?

If you've got a geeky gamer to shop for, allow me to share these Nintendo Switch switch plates that I just stumbled on. Because frankly, I know I need to laugh more these days and this is doing it for me. Made by a popular 3-D printer on Etsy based out of Oregon, it's...

Alexa, surround me in the glory of Billie Eilish

Alexa, surround me in the glory of Billie Eilish

If you've ever said, "Alexa, play When the Party's Over" then you'll be thrilled that Amazon has just announced the launch of the Billie Eilish special edition Amazon Echo Studio and it's pretty darn cool if you're a super-fan. Remember back in the dark ages, when we...

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