It’s here. The iPhone 8 landed on shelves last week. So we’ve listed the new cases so far to keep you covered. Literally. I think the most standout feature about the iPhone 8 is the all-glass design. As an accident prone iPhoner myself, I already have trouble keeping one side of glass intact. Although Apple assures us this is the most durable glass ever. So before I test that durability on my brand new phone, here’s my plight for the best new iPhone 8 cases you’ll find at retailers now.

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Maybe you’re wondering why so many retailers skipped from iPhone 7 to iPhone X? Well that’s because that the iPhone 7 case will still fit the iPhone 8.  So don’t toss last year’s designer case just yet. You’ve gotta love when a retailer lets you hang onto your fashionable favorites a little longer.

But we think a new phone deserves a new case, so take a peek and see if you find one here that fits your fancy.

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An iPhone 8 case that motivates you to be the inspiration you want in the world. Something we could all use a little more of right now.

iPhone 8 Cases: Nevertheless She PersistedSOCIETY6: NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED This case could be your mantra when you are rocking your inner Gloria Steinem while smelling the flowers. Or at least admiring them on your phone case. It’s strong and beautiful all at the same time like so many of us. Oh, and also probably the most important quote of the year. ($35.99 on sale now)

iPhone 8 Cases: She Believed She CouldCASEMATE: SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD And she did. The world might beat you down, but your phone case can remind you to get back up. Since you have your phone with you, let’s just say, always… Then I think it’s a great place to put this reminder. ($30.30)

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iPhone 8 Cases: Look On The Bright SideLOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE Brighten the world with a bright splash of yellow and a bright quote to go with it. Is it possible to have a bad day when you look at this phone case? I think not. ($27.08)

iPhone 8 Cases: GRL PWRGRL PWR Purple. Rainbows. And a power statement. This is a cheerful reminder on your phone case to kick ass. Your teen may wants this case, too. So it’s a good thing it comes in multiple colors. ($35.99 on sale now)

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An iPhone 8 case if you love pretty things that sparkle and shine.

iPhone 8 Cases: Casemate Brilliance ToughCASEMATE: BRILLIANCE TOUGH Iridescent sparkling stones adorn this shiny standout from Casemate. The same manufacturer that brings you options for rough and toughness can also rock out from time to time with a little glam. And that’s this case. ($80)

iPhone 8 Cases: Ted Baker Folio MirrorTED BAKER LONDON: KADIA 8 PLUS FOLIO CASE With a mirror built right in, it’s a phone and a vanity all in one. It’s classy but glamorous, shiny but useful. With this case, you’ll always know if you’re lipstick has smudged before you FaceTime a client. ($49.99)

iPhone 8 Cases: Carved Korean Paua ShellCARVED KOREAN PAUA SHELL Well hello, gorgeous. This phone is hand-made from a Korean Paua shell, and it’s jaw dropping! If you want to attract attention with your iPhone case, look no further. This is it. ($55)

iPhone 8 Cases: Rebecca Minokk Incipio GunmetalREBECCA MINKOFF INCIPIO STAR STUDDED GUNMETAL Sometimes you need to stud it out so you can bling it up. And that’s what you’ll get from this gunmetal style case from Rebecca Minkoff Incipio. Rebecca Minkoff is super stylish, as usual. ($39.99)

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An iPhone 8 case that takes you on a retro blast from the past.

iPhone 8 Cases: Society6 CameraSOCIETY6 CAMERA Who would have thought that putting a camera on the case that holds your camera would be a good idea? Well, I do. It wasn’t that long ago that photos were taken on film that had to be developed. What a great reminder as we snap away effortlessly with the luxury of taking our photos for granted. Ode to the camera of ‘ole. ($35.99 on sale now)

iPhone 8 Cases: Apple RetroAPPLE RETRO Hey there vintage back-in-the-day Apple. Nice of you to show up again in the next century. Remember the days when a big box computer with this colorful logo sat in your classroom? Amuse your friends with elementary flashbacks. This case is all about retro fun. ($25)

iPhone 8 Cases: Mood RingMOOD RING THERMOCHROMIC Hello Hypercolor throwback! It’s a mood ring, but also a phone case. My inner science geek is geeking out. Aren’t you curious what color it will turn when you’re talking to your partner or your kids? ($30)

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An iPhone 8 case that takes innovation to the next level.

iPhone 8 Cases: Moshi SensecoverMOSHI’S SENSECOVER This is iPhone engineering at it’s best. You can see the caller ID in the front window and the sensors on the phone cover allow you to answer. So it covers both sides of your phone, but no longer do you have to open the cover to answer the phone. It comes in colors of grey, pink, and cream. We can’t get enough of this stylish innovation.  ($44.95)

iPhone 8 Cases: LuMee DuoLUMEE DUO LuMee is the iPhone case that’s known for having built in studio lighting. (Check out our review of the original!) This new design not only has an extra layer of protection, but also includes a mega lighting upgrade. ($67.09)

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An iPhone 8 case that won’t embarrass you in a meeting.

iPhone 8 Cases: TotalleeTOTALLEE Totallee has become known for it’s super thin and sleek design. This case is basic but anything but simple. It’s the perfect case for anyone who appreciates a low-key, well-built design. ($19+)

iPhone 8 Cases: Spigen Air CushionSPIGEN ULTRA HYBRID AIR CUSHION CLEAR Spigen introduced this case for the professional that wants protection without going overboard. Its air cushion design will keep your phone safe, and it also comes with a few side edging color options if you want to stand out a bit. ($12.99)

iPhone 8 Cases: Carved Eastern Red CedarCARVED EASTERN RED CEDAR I’m a bit surprised that a handmade Eastern Red Cedar wood case is still so affordable. This case is so sleek and stylish. If Don Draper had an iPhone 8 case, this would be it. ($24)

iPhone 8 Cases: Belkin SheerforceBELKIN: AIR PROTECT SHEERFORCE Belkin calls their case beautifully strong and we have to agree. The Air Protect Technology is tough and resilient, but still quite classy. It comes in subtle colors like rose, gold, grey, silver and black. ($24.99)

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An iPhone 8 case for those accident prone days.

iPhone 8 Cases: Lifeproof NextLIFEPROOF NEXT Lifeproof appropriately chose the name Next for its new case because it’s just that: the next level of protection. Lifeproof claims that this case is drop-proof, dirt-proof, dust-proof, and get this, snow-proof and water-proof. I’m anxious to test this case this winter from a brand that’s built a strong reputation in the phone case world. ($79.99)

iPhone 8 Cases: Otterbox Build Your OwnOTTERBOX BUILD YOUR OWN CASE It’s more select-your-color-combination and not exactly build your own case, but still a great way to show your own style with the reputable safety of an Otterbox case. ($39.90)

iPhone 8 Cases: Casemate Naked ToughCASEMATE NAKED TOUGH Not only does this Casemate case come with their Military drop protection, but it’s still stylish with clear, iridescent, and glam designs. Protection can still be sleek and pretty. ($35)

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An iPhone 8 case that would make your pet proud.

iPhone 8 Cases: Weiner DogSOCIETY6: WIENER DOG Not only does everyone love weiner dogs, but this awesome design is both modern and hip. And I’m loving it. Woof.($35.99 on sale now)

iPhone 8 Cases: PBTeen Emily and Meritt CatTHE EMILY AND MERITT BLACK WHITE CAT You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate this abstract design by PBTeen. Every cat lover loves a whisker design. You can express your fondness for furry four-legs with this subtle black and white case. ($49.50)

iPhone 8 Cases: Pusheen NutellaPUSHEEN NUTELLA OMG. The higher gods came together when they put these two obsessions onto one phone case: Pusheens and Nutella. I’m not sure you can ever ask for more. ($25)

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An iPhone 8 case that is almost as unique as you. Almost.

iPhone 8 Cases: Carved Custom MapCARVED CUSTOM MAP Need a gift for the one that’s got everything? Here you go. You can now get the map of your favorite location custom engraved on your favorite wood phone case. Maybe you want to remember the exact location where you got engaged. Or your first kiss. Or where you met for that first time. How cool is that? You’re welcome. ($44)

iPhone 8 Cases: Zazzle Turquoise Gradient OmbreTURQUOISE GRADIENT OMBRE This sweet but simple design by Redwood and Vine gives you the option to add your own text. There is a galore of designs from Zazzle that can be customized or monogrammed. It’s a great way to show off your signature style. ($29.95)

iPhone 8 Cases: Urban Outfitters Instax Photo FrameINSTAX PHOTO FRAME This Instax photo frame at Urban Outfitters was made for iPhone 7, but given the Instax is still as popular as ever, we don’t care. ($20)

iPhone 8 Cases: ShutterflyYOUR PHOTO If you’re the kind of parent that can’t get enough of your kid’s toothy grin, then of course there’s always the option to upload one for your case. There are many retailers to choose from but like many moms, I’ve always found Shutterfly to be tried and true. It’s never too early to start thinking holiday gifts. ($44.99+ iPhone 7/8)

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Now the big question is… What case should we get for our iPhone X coming soon?

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