50 outstanding podcasts for parents...not just about parenting!

All recommended by other parents, you’ll find pop culture, politics, and yeah, parenting too. Take a look!

These 5 photo booth apps will make your next party picture perfect

From free to paid (and worth it!) we’ve found the 5 best photo booth apps in time for Halloween and holiday parties.

3 Apple accessories I can’t live without.

As an Apple family, we've seen various iterations of devices in our home over the years. And that means, different chargers, different ports, you get the idea. But that doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy a bunch of other cables and gadgets to accommodate the...

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Why tackling kids' screen time issues starts with changing one thing: You.

Suck it up parents…but we can be doing better. No guilt, just some help we all can use.

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

The new iOS 12 features parents will want to put to use right now

From parental controls to time-trackers, be sure you iDevice users are putting these smart new features to use!

3 high-tech gadgets to help keep you cool without the A/C

We've been experiencing record temps this summer, even for us down in already-toasty Nashville. So anything to make us more comfortable is welcome these days! Sound familiar to you too? So when we spotted these 3 smart, high-tech solutions to help keep us cool when...

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