Are teens still sexting? Spoiler: Yep.

A shocking new study has us thinking how to talk to our kids about behavior that’s not just risky, it can be criminal.

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The ultimate guide to summer science activities to keep those kids' minds sharp!

From K through tween and even teens, find a celebration of our wonderful kids’ curiosity, imagination, creativity, and the magic of STEM in this comprehensive guide. Created in Partnership with Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time.

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

Raising kids to be good digital citizens: The only 4 things you need to tell them.

It can be hard to know what to tell your kids about tech to keep them safe — but when you think about it in this smart, simple way, it gets so much easier.

These tech gadgets are totally worth the investment.

Over the years, we've tried a myriad tech gadgets here over on Cool Mom Tech, and there are a good handful (maybe two) that we continue to use over and over again because they make our lives a whole lot easier. And cooler. Or at least we think so. If you're thinking...

Holy Asteroids! A new Atari is coming!

With all the throwback gaming consoles making their way back to the market (cough Nintendo cough), we probably shouldn't be surprised that Atari is making a comeback. But that doesn't mean we're a wee bit excited about it. Okay, try very excited. Related: A first look...

These secret Netflix codes let you find hidden movies

Just when I thought I was the consummate binge watcher, I stumbled upon this post over at IHeartRadio that pretty much blew my mind. Turns out, Netflix has a bunch of secret codes, that when added to a url will allow you to jump to all sorts of hidden movies that you...

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