10 cool girl power phone cases for International Women's Day and beyond

While we’re celebrating women all month long (and all year long, really) there’s something powerful about celebrating yourself. Find the girl power phone case that speaks to you, then go forth and conquer!

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Spring clean your tech: Here's how!

From degermifying your screens to organizing your inbox, fixing up that home office, and tossing or recycling those 2006 Blackberries, we’ve got all the tips and resources to help.

The Best of the Best Educational Apps

Class Dojo: Our cool free app of the week

When I pick my kids up from school, they're not exactly a fountain of information about their day. So when my kids' art teacher set up a page for their classes with the free Class Dojo app, I was so thankful. Here, he can share everything from photos and videos to...

Duolingo app: Our cool free app of the week

If you're looking for a fun way to expose kids to new languages, we've been very impressed with quality of foreign language training you get with the free Duolingo app. You can choose from dozens of foreign languages, including common ones our kids learn like Spanish,...

Our top 10 most popular Cool Mom Tech posts of 2017

From scary apps your kids might be using to the solar eclipse of 2017 (remember that?), we rounded up our top 10 most popular posts here on Cool Mom Tech from 2017. 10. Is Unroll.me safe to use? After the controversy over their use of data (which is common amongst...

Our most popular Spawned podcast episodes of 2017

We've covered a ton of topics on our Spawned with Kristen and Liz podcast in 2017. From kids and social media to vagacials (yes, it's a thing), we've had a blast chatting with each other, and our esteemed guests, about parenting and parenting culture. And we hope...

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