It’s always fun for us to look back at the end of the year and see which posts captured our readers’ interests and imaginations the most. And while we have some perennial favorites like our picks for 30 of the coolest iPhone 6 cases or how to get your personal information off Spokeo, these are the top ten most trafficked posts on our site all penned in 2015. A few of our own favorites and a few surprises for sure!


Cool Mom Tech top post: Funny emoji messages for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

10. Funny emoji messages for Valentine’s Day

Because these days, an eggplant is never just an eggplant. Especially when it’s paired with…well, you’ll just have to read it.


Cool Mom Tech top post: Polaroid ZIP mobile printer

9. Hooray! The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer is here.

Also making our list of the 15 coolest new tech gadgets of 2015, it’s no surprised this was one of your favorites too. Walk around with this and instantly (ha) be the life of the party.


Cool Mom Tech top post: inbox zero tip

8. Inbox Zero trick: How to clean out your inbox on Gmail and start the year fresh.

This will change your life. Even if it is a cheat, it’s a good one. Yay for clean starts!


15 Instagram tips every user should know |

7. 15 Instagram tips every user should know.

Nicole’s excellent post covers filters, borders, captions, comments, tagging, hashtags…basically everything besides how to buy followers. Because that would be lame.


Cool Mom Tech top post: tips for parents about Periscope + Meerkat

6. The livestreaming apps parents should know: Meerkat and Periscope

While we’ve fallen for Periscope ourselves as a fun tool, we’re adults with impulse control (mostly). We still think this is an important post for parents who still ask us all the time just what these apps are and why anyone would use them.


Cool Mom Tech top post: what we learned when we put away our phone

5. Smartphone addiction: 5 things I learned when I put away my phone around my kids for a week

This is one of our own favorite posts ever —  a personal confession from Kristen with some truly valuable insights and tips for untethering from screens around the kids, your significant other, or anytime, really. But what we think struck a chord is that it’s really about that elusive life-work balance that all parents are trying to find.


Cool Mom Tech top post: MonBaby smart breathing monitor


4. 3 of the smartest wearable baby monitors

Just when we thought wearable tech couldn’t blow up more, it goes and hits the baby market. We can absolutely see why new parents are captivated by the up-and-coming technology that can help a lot of them rest easier. Well, as easy as possible.


Cool Mom Tech top post: photo wall decals from Paper Culture

photo wall decals from Paper Culture

3. 21 cool, tasteful photo display ideas beyond just framing them.

Got a zillion photos on your phones like we do? Of course you do! We love Kate’s post, filled with more than 20 ways to put them to better use than just taking up memory space on your device.


Cool Mom Tech top post: Star Wars printables

 Printable Star Wars Valentine’s cards from A Grande Life


2. 9 of the best printable Valentines cards for lovers of Minecraft, tech, and all things geeky.

You guys like free, you like Valentine’s Day, and you sure like Star Wars. Put them all together and you’ve got one valuable post to come back to each February.


Cool Mom Tech top post: the thingCHARGER

1. The thingCHARGER reinvents the outlet, to charge all of the things.

We love this gadget that blew up Kickstarter so much beyond expectations, they faced some production and shipping delays. For some reason (that only the SEO gods know), our comment section became the repository for every panicked buyer. Now that the units are shipping to thousands of happy customers, we expect the chatter to die down — but not the excitement of this inventive, all-in-one outlet/USB charger/charging dock that we want in our homes now.