Our favorite online educational resources for kids who are learning at home

From coding help, to academic lessons, to videos helping teach new languages or skills. 

Are you cleaning and disinfect your gadgets every day? Here are the methods that really work.

From phones to remote controls to gaming controllers, here’s how to take on dirt, germs, and bacteria. 

8 creative ways to safely socialize using tech.

From Zoom and FaceTime to more creative ideas, we can help you (and your kids!) get more social. Safely. 

7 of our kids' favorite Nintendo Switch games

If you’re new to Switch, here’s a great list of games to start with. 

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

3 free audiobook apps you need for back to school

School will be starting up soon, and that means my kids' tech will be focused more on education than Fortnite in a few weeks. Sorry, kids. I'm going to start by downloading these free audiobook apps that let you borrow them (along with books, movies, and more) from...

Dagne Dover makes tech organization easy and stylish.

Ever since the Dagne Dover backpack converted me into a backpack person, I've kept my eye on them, hoping that they'd launch a tech collection. Well, apparently their ears were ringing because they've finally launched the Dagne Dover tech capsule collection that I...

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