Is screen time driving you crazy?

Try these 5 smart strategies to see what works best for your family. 

Kids + smartphones: When are they ready?

Ask yourself these 7 questions before you take the plunge.

What if raising unplugged kids is a terrible idea?

This is a fascinating podcast interview with an expert who thinks we’re doing it all wrong. 

Tips & Tricks to Make Life (Way!) Easier

9 great educational YouTube channels to help keep minds sharp this summer

If they need a tablet break, steer your kids towards these wonderful channels. They all beat toy unboxing, promise.

8 podcasts I’ve listened to this month

My name is Kristen. And I'm a podcast-a-holic. I am completely obsessed with podcasts now that I have a bit of a commute every morning and afternoon. I love finding new (or usually new-to-me) listens, so I hope my podcast recommendations (other than the obvious...

The Grammarly keyboard app is a fast typer’s BFF

One of the many reasons I love my smart phone is that it allows me to untether myself from a desk or home office, so I actually end up spending more time with my family. That means I'm sending emails on the fly, and doing a whole lot of texting versus long conference...

New emojis for 2019: Getting more inclusive, finally!

In case you were wondering, there will be 230 new emojis hitting your phone in 2019, and we've got the scoop. From more gender inclusive couples to people with disabilities, we're excited to see a lot more diversity, and let's be honest, a lot more silly. (Yes I used...

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